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Are you a company that is currently thinking about increasing market penetration and key engagement online and offline, in Singapore? Officially launched in 2014, RxR Magazine has more than 9,000 unique monthly cosmopolitan ladies who visit our portal to check out the latest happenings in town.
If you want to be part of our RxR story, and promote your products or services to engaged and loyal cosmopolitan ladies, then we are the platform for you! As part of the specialised RxR Group, RxR Magazine benefits from the top-notch resources and brains of our parent company. We provide a myriad of support and consultation services for starting and doing online and offline businesses in Singapore.

 Before entering Singapore
  • »Market research
  • »Market-testing
  • »Introducing business partners
  • »Development of new businesses
  • »Delegations and study tours in Singapore
  • »Joint-partnerships

Consultancy Services
  • »Company registration and applications
  • »Visa applications
  • »Accounting and tax services
  • »Human resources
  • »Legal services
E-Infrastructure development
  • »Website setup and operation
  • »E-commerce setup

Sales and Marketing
  • »Sales strategy    
  • »Advertising and promotion    
  • »Public relations and corporate communications   
  • »Social media strategy and operations
  • »Product and service consultation

Customer support
  • »Customer support in English   
  • »Translation to Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Finnish.

Here are some of our past/current partners:
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»Fragrance/ Accessories

» Wine/bar/cafe

» Food and Beverage

» Official Spirits


» Eyewear

» Hair Salon

» Official Hair Portal

»Official Happening Spots

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»Official Events

» Official Travel Board