1872 Clipper Tea Co. Fortune Set


Celebrate the festive occasion with the delectable flavours of 1872 Clipper Tea's fortune set!

Enjoy a Lunar New Year with a twist when you serve up 1872 Clipper Tea's Fortune set (幸运全盒). Beyond it's aromatic blends of Jasmine Pearls, Ginger, and Alishan Oolong, the tea professionals also present a set of rock sugar crystals in pineapple tart flavour, crafted by Singapore's only sugar maker since 1947, Cheng Yew Heng sugars. Enjoy precious moments with family and friends as you get to try each other's unique creations this festive season. Each flavour consists of 6 sachets.

Jasmine Pearls (茉莉龙珠绿茶) - 奇花异卉
Presented in the form of precious pearls, this aromatic handmade blend is scented with sweet jasmine flowers, a perfect treat for precious moments this festive season and beyond.

Ginger (生姜) - 步步高升
Beyond being a traditional remedy widely known for its health and medicinal benefits, this zesty blend is also your perfect companion when you’re staying up late on Lunar New Year eve. Savour this with a hint of honey and lemon.

Alishan Oolong (阿里山乌龙) - 龙马精神
Harvested from Taiwan’s famous Alishan mountain, the Alishan Oolong is enjoyed for its flowery and fruity fragrance that leaves a sweet, smooth taste on the palate.

Crystals rock sugar by Cheng Yew Heng in Pineapple Tart flavour (黄梨酥水晶冰糖)
With naturally crystallised rock sugar, Singapore’s only sugar maker since 1947 unveils the pineapple tart flavoured tea that welcomes the new year with a burst of caramel, butter and pineapple.

Pricing and Availability The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Fortune Set (幸运全盒) retails at $32, and every set comes with an exclusive pack of 1872 Clipper Tea red packets.