MTV To Air New Green Day Documentary


Green Day is one of the biggest bands on the planet - three childhood friends who rose from the punk underground into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  But their path to stardom took its toll as the band struggled with celebrity status.  Instead of quitting, Billie Joe, Mike & Tré reinvented themselves with daring songs and an unbreakable bond that has lasted over 25 years. The Ride explores the moments that changed their lives, defined their career & made them who they are today.  Green Day: The Ride premieres on MTV Asia on Saturday, 26 November, 7PM (WIB), 8PM (SG), 9PM (MAL).

Some things you may not know about Green Day:
·        Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt grew up a few miles from each other on the outskirts of Oakland, California. They met in fifth grade after their schools combined due to bankruptcy in the  school district, and immediately bonded over their shared passion for music.
·        Billie and Mike’s first band was called Sweet Children, which got their first real stage debut at 934 Gilman in Berkeley. Billie Joe recounted: “Playing Gilman Street for us was like we have arrived. You know the first time I ever got on that stage, I just felt like wow, this is where I’ve always wanted to be. And I’m not like the guy that’s watching anymore. I’m the guy that’s playing.”
·        Billie and Mike met drummer Tré Cool after their first drummer, John Kiffmeyer, decided to go away for school. John suggested they jam with “this guy Tre,” who Billie Joe recounted as “crazy – he insulted men, he insulted women, he insulted everybody. Including me.”
·        Green Day released their major label debut Dookie after just three weeks in the studio. They didn’t expect it to do what it did – selling 10 million copies worldwide.
·        When “Time Of Your Life” – the band’s biggest hit – was released as a single in 1997, the band wondered if their fans would accept it. Billie Joe did not know how it was going to go over with their more hardcore fans, and recalled getting “pretty drunk” before going onstage and performing it live for the first time.
·        When the band was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, they were on hiatus and had no immediate plans to get together. The night when they received their honor inspired them to return home and play a show where it all began – Gilman Street – and get back in the studio.
MTV’s The Ride follows today’s hottest artists as they reveal the most game-changing moments that transformed their lives, culminating in the #1 most important moment that changed everything. There’s nothing more powerful than an artist speaking their truth. The Ride lets today’s most talented performers tell their story – like no one’s ever heard before. Visit for more information.

Green Day: The Ride is produced for MTV by Creature Films; executive producers are Mark Ford and Kevin Lopez for Creature Films and Bruce Gillmer and Jennifer Demme Harris for MTV International.

Sunday, 27 November
4pm (WIB), 5pm (SG), 6pm (MAL)

Tuesday, 29 November
7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG), 9pm (MAL) &
11pm (WIB)

Wednesday, 30 November
12am (SG/PH), 1am (MAL)

4pm (WIB), 5pm (SG), 6pm (MAL)