Garden fresh teas for the big day in the Garden City!

Celebrate our national pride the 1872 Clipper Tea way with our Singapore Orchid Collection

It was in 1872 that Barage Poloris de Silva started serving rich Ceylon black tea to the beloved customers in his humble jewellery shop here in High Street. Since then, as the tiny nation of Singapore grew to the one of big dreams today, so too has The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

This August, celebrate our national pride the 1872 Clipper Tea way with our Singapore Orchid Collection, an invigorating collection of teas coming in three variants, Orchid Bloom, Halia Blossom and Dragon Eye Bouquet. Blended with the same classic Ceylon black tea blend, this collection also adds the exquisite touch of orchid petals, our national flower, giving a modern, floral finish to these time honoured flavours.

Orchid Bloom

Be whisked away on a romantic romp through the garden with the Orchid Bloom, an invigorating blend of Ceylon black tea, perfectly balanced with cranberry and decadent hints of cream. Delicate orchid petals add a lovely floral finish to this exquisite drink.

Halia Blossom

Discover a new way to enjoy our beloved Teh Halia, or ginger milk tea, with the Halia Blossom, that perfectly blends rich Ceylon black tea with ginger and cream flavouring. Where ginger aids in digestion, the Halia Blossom is also accented with orchid petals, giving an aromatic touch to this gastronomic delight.

Dragon Eye Bouquet

Taste the tropical nature of Singapore with the Dragon Eye Bouquet, a fragrant and fruity blend of Ceylon black and green tea with longan and rambutan. Finished with exquisite orchid petals, this blend is a truly unforgettable one.

Packaged in a 3-in-1 box (3 x 25g tins)this timeless collection makes a perfect gift as well. 
The Singapore Orchid Collection is available in all stores and is priced at $38 per set.