Enneagram Profiling with Cindy Leong

Recently a friend of mine, Cindy Leong who is a SDN Accredited Dating Practitioner, also a Dating and Relationship Coach of Relationship Studio and Chief Dating Coach of Divine Connect, a premium dating agency that does personalized coaching and matching.(read about her here) introduced me to Enneagram.

Cindy Leong, SDN Accredited Dating Practioner

What is Enneagram? Enneagram (nine points) is a psychological structure representing 9 unique personality types that maps 9 points of view, 9 emotional response patterns, and nine sets of behavioral trait-like tendencies. Each type has resourceful self-enhancing features which can become non-resourceful and self-defeating if used excessively or exclusively. Balance involves functioning from the resourceful or high side of our core type while having access to the resources of all the types.

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With that said, let me share with you my experience. I had so much fun during my Enneagram Typing with Cindy, which is all I expected it was going to be. My typing session with Cindy was incredibly insightful, it allowed me to confront a lot of my truths, though incredibly awkward as well. It also helped me to better understand the most important people in my life. An Enneagram Typing with Cindy helped me gain more self-awareness and empowerment than any therapy session, horoscope or self-help book ever could and I feel the success out in the world.

I’m a Type 3 – The Effective Person: THREES are attracted to and value efficiency, industriousness, and competence. They want to be productive persons, seeking to make the world a more efficient place to live in. Bringing projects to completion, accomplishing goals and work effectively are what life is about for THREES. Recognizing that the cosmos is an orderly harmonious system, THREES work to keep it running smoothly.

We all have major flaws that we are entirely ashamed of and strengths that we want everyone to know about. The Enneagram is a break down of just that. If you decide to read them all, you will see that every single person in your life has the same about of weaknesses as they do strengths. The goal shouldn’t be to hide our vulnerabilities or our dark spots but to allow those perceived “flaws” to live amongst the parts of us that we are most proud of, because that is what makes us human. That mix of who we are, makes us relatable and lovable.

An understanding of the Enneagram can help one build your own professional skills and self-awareness. A greater self-awareness and self-knowledge; understanding why you do what you do. Learning how others in your life see the world: leads to healthier and easier relationships thereby avoiding unnecessary conflicts. When you know your patterns, you can make differences choices thus empowering yourself. Acquiring practical tools to manage the feeling of overwhelm and reactivity with others leads to less friction in daily life. 

Enneagram is not only used for couple matching/relationships building. Corporations, small businesses and nonprofits around the world are using the Enneagram as a breakthrough approach for leadership development, team building, communication skills and emotional intelligence. Indeed, the Enneagram offers significant benefits for anyone who works with others, including managers, HR personnel, consultants, trainers, facilitators, negotiators and mediators.

It is not simply a description of our personalities but who we are innately, who we have been since we were little kids! It is not simply a reflection of our environment or our experiences but rather how we have been viewing our environments and approaching our experiences from day one, and why. It allows you to look at yourself objectively during the worst moments of your life and the best.

Make a date with Cindy (via email: c.l@relationshipstudio.sg or mobile: +65 8321 9899) to find out what your Enneagram Type is and be on the road to empowerment!