Father's Day Special on Celestial Movies


Spend some quality time with your Father as Celestial Movies presents the Father's day Special / 父親節特備節目!

From 20th to 21st June, catch The Journey 一路有你 and My Dog Dou Dou 我的狗蚪蚪 on Celestial Movies (Singtel TV Ch. 585 and StarHub Ch. 868). Bring out the tissues as these two tearjerkers are set to take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

About My Dog Dou Dou 我的狗蚪蚪

Date: Saturday, 20 June
Time: 13:00

This is a warm, feel-good fantasy-action drama about a gambler father and his estranged son, and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together. Through their ups and downs, the father, Meng, discovers the meaning of altruistic love and loyalty, and the son, Xing, finally finds the father he has always been looking for.

About The Journey

The Journey tells the story of Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee), a conservative father with a rigid set of rules. When his daughter, Bee (Joanne Yew) returns home after spending most of her formative years in England with a fiance, Benji (Ben Pfeiffer) in-tow, Uncle Chuan refuses to give his blessing. With cultural differences and language barrier that could potentially damage the union between Benji and his loved one, he feels that something must be done quick. Uncle Chuan reluctantly allows them to marry but on one condition — the wedding ceremony has to be in the traditional way. Despite their lack of understanding towards one another, Benji and Uncle Chuan embark on a nationwide journey to hand-deliver wedding invitations to the latter’s childhood friends. Throughout the journey, the two learn valuable lessons about accepting each other’s differences.

Catch My Dog Dou Dou 我的狗蚪蚪 (20 June) and The Journey 一路有你 (21 June) at 1pm, on Celestial Movies (Singtel TV Ch. 585 and StarHub Ch. 868)