National Geographic Channel presents 'The Big Picture with Kal Penn


National Geographic Channel presents The Big Picture with Kal Penn. Find the unexpected – and sometimes shocking – realities in both the world at large and our own backyard, revealed by crunching the numbers and finding new ways to visualize data.

Host and producer Kal Penn will take viewers on a journey to understand how things like money, sex, food, sports and crime influence our daily lives. Exploring and generating infographics from information banks and data analyses, The Big Picture With Kal Penn investigates different themes through the mapping of new data, the creative visualization of information, and in-depth personal stories with fascinating characters.

Infographics, big data visualizations and maps are not the only tools used to bring the world alive. Tune in to National Geographic Channel tomorrow night to find out what makes the connections personal while introducing the real people who live and work at key intersections of each theme being explored. Penn serves as our guide along the way, making the information relatable to the everyday viewer.

The Big Picture With Kal Penn
Premiered Wednesday, 27 May @ 10pm
Every Wednesday at 10pm
National Geographic Channel

Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411