New Year Eve @ Marina Bay Countdown Singapore 2015

We can't believe the first week of January 2015 is already over.

Looking back at last year RxR Magazine was privileged to be appointed as the Official Blogger of Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 and needless to say we spent the remaining hours of 2014 around the Marina Bay!

What I love about New Year's Eve is that you get to party with people you know and people you have just met. At midnight you can smooch your spouse, best friend, or some random guy who you bumped into on the dance floor. Anything can happen - its a New Year! It is magical, sparkly and exciting!

With so many fringe activities happening around the Marina Bay it was hard to decide what to do first and finding your 'perfect spot' to watch the fireworks!

Here is a reminiscence of what you have missed during the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 last week.

Party into 2015 with International & local DJs

A good spot to camp at for fireworks

Waterfront Carnival with a variety of F&B and nostalgic games of yesteryears

The Promontory was packed with party goers! Music was awesome too!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 

Did you catch the 'SG50' logo beamed on the Marina Bay Sands & ArtScience Museum?

Bump into a group of party goers who were all dressed up with wigs and fancy costumes! So cool right.

The highlight of the evening ~ 8 minutes fireworks

DrumGaia - 400 drummers drumming to specially-commissioned music
as the fireworks painted the sky at Marina Bay 

Ushering the New Year with your love one by your side is a blessing to be cherished

A year of new beginnings, new life, new dreams, new hopes and new miracles!

We received this personalized New Year greeting from our reader Ron von Rollie who won the pair of tix to "Celebrate With the World" simply made our day what a great way to start the year off!