Japanese (Hair)xperience

Well basically, how it feels like to get your hair pampered and tamed in Japanese style.

Was cordially invited to get my hair done at COVO Hair Salon, a popular place for Japanese expats in Singapore to get their manes pampered and tamed. It’s quaintly located somewhere along Keong Saik Street, where you’ll see many other hipster cafes like Potato Head Folk, and it’s very near Duxton Hill too. Hipster.

Was greeted by Asako and Emi, they were such lovely women! I had a pleasant surprise that they’re both from Japan (which proves the authenticity of this salon). I was seated in this comfy chair in my personal space – & I absolutely love how they have these homely partitions that divide every seat in the salon. The entire place gives you a really chill vibe, especially when you get to sip a cuppa green tea while getting your hair done.

My hair experience started off by showing some reference pictures to Asako, which was my senior hair stylist for the day! She loved the pictures I showed her, and we decided that I’ll need highlights and a digital perm.

We started off with highlights, and boy, they had a whole range of colours! I didn’t want to bleach my hair, but still wanted a lighter colour, so Asako specially mixed 2 colours just for me! Customized highlights for me – yay, who doesn’t like personalised stuff? She even told me which colour would suit my skin tone and which wouldn’t, which I thought was really important because it will eliminate the risk of having an outrageous hair colour. Some Asians look great blonde, but some don’t. You get it.

After I got my highlights done, Asako told me that she’ll be giving me a hair treatment that would nourish, repair and moisturize! I think that was what my hair needed exactly.

Next was digital perm, and it’s probably the millionth time I’ve done it (well actually four), and it’s simply because… once you go curly, you’ll never go straight. (P/S: I’ve seen many of my friends getting a digital perm too after I got mine) HOWEVER, you do need to have an awesome hair stylist to make sure you get the effect you wanted. I know of some who came out of the salon with burnt or disastrous hair. The whole rolling-your-hair-into-10-cylinders needs skill, trust me. And I have no doubt that Asako did a fantastic job on that!

Of course, a perfect (hair)xperience is not complete with having a enjoyable conversation with your hairstylist, and despite us coming from different countries, I had such a great time talking to her! She was so warm, gentle, cute and bubbly – I think we could be BFFS!

Parting COVO salon was the hardest part of this entire process – that is, saying goodbye to the comfy space and lovely Asako. Once again, thank you Gabrielle and Emi for arranging this! I specially did a set of photos with my new hairstyle, so stay tuned!


43 Keong Saik Road 089147