What you can expect at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015

We are just 3 days away to the anticipated Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 event which is the curtain raiser for Singapore's 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee celebration are you excited? We sure are!

Jointly presented by Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay and the Urban Redevelopment Authority an array of ticketed (Celebrate with the World 2015 and Celebrate SG50) and non-ticketed (Celebrate December, carnival at The Promontory and Marina Waterfront Bazaar) events are happening around the bay on 31 December one is spoilt for choice on what to do.

The Highlights of the evening:

3D Projection on the Fullerton Hotel Singapore and Lighting on the Merlion

Titled "Reflections of our Past, Present and Future", a 3D projection on the façade of Fullerton Hotel Singapore will feature a montage of sketches and graphics depicting Singapore's growth, starting with images of old Singapore, such as kampongs, rickshaws and samsui women, and its transformation to present-day Singapore, with images of public housing, transport systems, and city skyscrapers.

Caught in action...

Fullerton Hotel - The Grand Dame

Do you see the lighting on the Merlion?

Beautiful lighting display on the Merlion

3D projection on the Fullerton Hotel

From now to 30 Dec, you can enjoy the 2-minute projection half hourly from 8:15pm to 11:15pm. On New Year's Eve, revellers can catch the 3-minute extended display at the same timing and a final run at 11:55pm, which will culminate in a 2-minute show depicting 5 key milestones on Singapore - then-Prime Minster Lee Kuan Yew delcaring Singapore's independence, introduction of public housing, start of National Service, rise of Singapore's economy and Singapore's development into one of the most liveable cities in the world.

"Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 is very significant, being the 10th edition and also the first event to kick off the SG50 celebrations. We want everyone to reflect on the journey that Singaporeans have taken together and to tell this story through innovative ways using 3D projection, lighting, music and fireworks." - Mr Clarence Yap, Head, Music, The Esplanade Co Ltd

Mr Clarence Yap, Head, Music, The Esplanade Co Ltd

Watching the story unfold before me evoked a sense of nostalgic feeling. Subtlety is put aside, as we unashamedly celebrate who we are. To me it is a reflection evoking not just a feeling of nostalgic but a sense of connection, of where we came from and what made us who we are today! (You can view the official video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3rEXuSBE-c&feature=youtu.be)

Fireworks with a Musical Twist

An 8-minutes display of fireworks specially choreographed to a score composed by local talents Julian Wong (read our interview with him here) and Riduan Zalani, who received guidance from the late Iskandar Ismail. For the first time, a segment of the music will feature close to 400 drummers who will perform 'live' at the lower boardwalk in front of the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, adding a resounding beat to the music and fireworks display. You can tune into MediaCorp radio station Symphony 92.4FM to listen to the music as you watch the fireworks display!

Wishing Spheres and Lighting Show

This year a record 25,000 red and white wishing spheres carrying more than 600,000 wishes of Singaporeans from all walks of life have been set afloat in the Bay and lighted up transforming the installation into a stunning visual arts display. For the first time, 5,000 red spheres were included to form a giant number '50' in the Bay. 

Thats not all, on New Year's Eve, 5 buildings - Ocean Financial Centre, OCBC Centre, Maybank Tower, One Raffles Place and Millenia Tower will light up in a synchronised themed of our national colours of red and white featuring the number '50'. THe displays will take place for 5-minutes, half hourly from 8pm to 11:30pm.

Marina Bay City Skyline

In addition, the SG50 logo will be projected on the ArtScience Museum façade, the underside of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark and on Esplanade's domes.

The ArtScience Museum & Marina Bay Sands

Esplanade Domes

As this countdown is the FIRST official celebration of SG50, it is expected that a crowd of more than 300,000 people will be there so please be patient, calm and follow the instructions of the police officers. The Police offers are there to ensure your safety. For more information on the security and traffic arrangements for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 please visit http://www.police.gov.sg/mic/2014/12/.

P.S. Go early to secure your favourable spot for the best view, take note that only at the "Celebrate SG50" at The Float selfie stick/monopod are not allowed into the area as its considered as a weapon in all other areas of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown area it is permitted however for your own safety selfie stick users please be mindful of your surrounding environment and be considerate to others while using and last but not least exercise tolerance at all times don't let anything dampen your spirits or spoil your night! The safety of the public at the event is paramount and revellers are encouraged to minimise the number of bags and personal items that they bring along as it is expected to be crowded around the Marina Bay on New Year's Eve.