Comedy Central Asia Launches The Complete Seven Seasons of The Kumars at No. 42


Comedy Central Asia is bringing viewers one of British television’s most loved families, The Kumars at No. 42. The complete seven seasons of the show will debut exclusively on the network over seven weeks with new episodes on weekdays starting from Thursday, 11 December at 7pm (TH/WIB), 8pm (SG/HK//PH/TW) and 9pm (MY). Thereafter, the cast reunites after a seven-year hiatus for the brand new season re-titled The Kumars, which premieres on Friday, 23 January 2015 at 7pm (TH/WIB), 8pm (SG/HK//PH/TW) and 9pm (MY).

Winner of two International Emmy awards, the Rose d’Or Bronze Rose (Best Comedy) and the British Comedy Award, the hybrid sitcom-chat show follows the trials and tribulations of a dysfunctional suburban immigrant family – Madhuri and Ashwin Kumar, Sanjeev (their 30 something son), and Sushila (the family’s irrepressible matriarch). Based on a fictional British family, the Kumars support Sanjeev’s dream of making it big as a TV presenter going as far as to set up a TV studio in their home garden.

With celebrity guests’ appearances fees paid out in “chutney”, the comedy series features appearances by Helena Bonham Carter, Charlotte Church, Ronan Keating, Jimi Mistry, Boy George and more.

About The Kumars at No. 42

The Kumars are a well-off family, whose spoilt son (Sanjeev Bhaskar) fancies himself as chat show host. To facilitate this, his mum (Indira Joshi) and dad (Vincent Ebrahim) have bulldozed their back garden and built a studio on the back of their house. Each week Sanjeev attempts to interview two celebrity guests, while fending off interruptions from his parents and his grandmother (Meera Syal).

The show opens in the living room where the scripted storyline, revolving around one or more of the family members, is set up. When the guests arrive they have to deal with the emotional fallout and are then taken through to the studio at the back for a thorough interrogation by the entire family. Dad is keen to get down to business – literally; Mum wants what every Asian mother wants – a wedding, and Granny – well, she is growing old disgracefully and has a reputation as the coolest Ummi in her neighbourhood.

Bringing friends round to your parents’ house is always a risky business – inviting celebrities is truly a gamble. Sanjeev usually ends up embarrassed and out of his depth, while his guests have a chance to talk about anything and to get as involved as they like with the on-going domestic situation at No. 42.

About The Kumars

The new reunion season premiering on Friday, 23 January 2015 sees Britain’s favourite Punjab royalty returning to spectacular success after a seven-year absence with their inimitable brand of comedy and a star-studded guest list including Daniel Radcliffe, Chevy Chase, Rupert Everett, Hugh Jackman, Twiggy, and more.

Forced to downsize as a result of the economic downturn and with Dad's warehouse burning down, the Kumars are now living in a rented flat in Hounslow, behind the shop that Dad, Ashwin, now runs. Host Sanjeev has been married and divorced and his ex-wife Bindiya now lives in New York with their daughter Angelina Jolie Kumar. Ashwin has used the platform of the shop to resurrect the family's talk show, which takes place in the living room of their flat.