Party at #RISISstyle

Last week we had the pleasure of attending #RISISstyle private party and at the same time we got a glimpse of their Christmas Collection too!

RISIS is a brand I grew up with and admire for it has married both innovation and creativity! Till to date I still have the orchid slider necklace my mum bought me!

RISIS is a Singaporean based lifestyle gift company that started business in the 1970's, that has developed and perfected a technique to immortalise the natural beauty of Singapore's orchids in precious 24K gold, accentuated with semi-precious stones, crystals and fine enamel for a distinctive finish, their creations are drawn deeply from Asian heritage and its rich tradition of sign, symbol and story.

Their Christmas Collection range from delicate orchid blossoms accentuated with solitaire pearls, to 24K gold-plated flower pendants embedded with birthstones and moonstones drops inspired by the humble rice grain these designs hint at subtle luxury with a feminine sensibility.

Luna Collection

Luna ~ as the bright moonlight gets intertwined in her plaited tresses, her eyes light up in delight - it is a night of reunion and celebration with everyone close to her heart. RISIS personifies this moment of kinship with a five-petal moon orchid, symoblising a timeless bond that has again come full circle.

The Luna Collection consists of a necklace, slider, bracelet and a pair of earrings, each handcrafted in 925 silver and plated in gold or rhodium, features a Swarovski Pearl, Rose Quartz or Green Calcite as its core.

Endless Spring Collection

Endless Spring ~ Birthdays mark the start of another trip around the sun, basking in the warm sunrays and a springtime that never ends. RISIS celebrates this moment to remember with its signature craft - creating beautiful flowers, each representing a special birth month. Whether it is for a loved one or a present to yourself, the Endless Spring Collection offers a choice of 12 exquisite floral pendants, one for each month of the year.

The Endless Spring Collection is handcrafted in bronze and plated in gold, featuring a Swarovski crystal birthstone for each pendant.

Moonlight Dance Collection

Moonlight Dance ~ Swaying in the soft wind to the moon's lullaby, the glistening harvest dances over rippling paddy fields. Inspired by the humble rice grain that spread over terraces all across Asia, RISIS presents Moonlight Dance.

The Moonlight Dance Collection includes a bangle, necklace, pendant and a pair of earrings each handcrafted from precious 925 silver and set with beautiful oval moonstones.

Love Saga & Eternal Collection

Bringing the colours of Christmas alive the Love Saga Collection and the Eternal Collection.

Love Saga ~ inspired by the humble saga seed, the Love Saga Collection is a perfect gift for a loved one. Known as 相思豆 (xiang si dou), translated as 'missing you seeds', these bright red seeds are a perfect way to say 'I love you' to the ones closest to you. (Do you remember picking them when you were young? I do! It sure brings back memories...)

Eternal ~ The Eternity Collection uses its circle loops as a symbol of infinite time, and its intended to give never-ending blessings to the recipient of this gift. Each of the pendants in this series is made from a different precious stone, and each stone brings different benefits to the wearer.

The one that caught my eye is the 'Saga Seed Pendant' which is one of the limited edition pendants curated by Anita Kapoor to mark Singapore's 50th birthday.

Saga Seed Pendant

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