Mamma Mia!...Here we go again...Singapore

Took my gal to watch the smash hit musical MAMMA MIA! last Thursday at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. We had a blast! My gal has watched the movie a gazillion times; memorized all the songs and was super excited about seeing the musical! Through out the show she (and the people seated around us too) was singing to the tunes of some of the songs and by the end of the show everyone were standing up, waving our arms, dancing and singing along to the 'Dancing Queen' and 'Waterloo'.

Gala Premiere - Red Carpet Arrival 

Set in Greece, on a beautiful Greek island, MAMMA MIA! tells the story of Sophie, a bride-to-be with one wish: to have her absent father walk her down the aisle. After reading passages about three old lovers in her mom’s diary, Sophie sends each a wedding invitation in hopes of learning which is her dad. The arrival of the men from her past is surprising to Donna, Sophie’s fiercely independent mother, who prides herself on getting through life without a man, and highly amusing to Donna’s two best gal pals. The more Sophie and her mother struggle to find truth and understanding, the more it threatens to tear them apart and wreck Sophie’s dream wedding.

Sara Poyzer who plays 'Donna'

Richard Standing who plays 'Sam' (he is also the real life husband of Sarah Poyzer!)

Niamh Perry who plays 'Sophie'

From left: Sue Devaney who plays 'Rosie' and Geraldine Fitzgerald who plays 'Tanya

We love everything about the show - the simple set that puts song and storytelling first, the performance was fantastic, choreography was spectacular and the orchestra was marvelous. The tautly toned men in the ensemble who makes dancing in snorkel gear, glowing in the dark look perfectly natural. All the actors danced with so much energy and enthusiasm you could tell they loved their job and want to present to you the best of the best!

The highlight was listening to Donna (played by Sara Poyzer) and her girlfriends Tanya (played by Geraldine Fitzgerald), Rosie (played by Sue Devaney) sing! These ladies pack a powerful punch with their strong, rich voices belting out the various songs. Thats not all they were extremely hilarious too, especially Tanya and Rosi, hamming it up with physical humour during several of their songs - using everyday items as props had us laughing in stitches and when Rosie did 'Take a Chance on Me' I think I speak for all when I said we laughed till will had tears rolling down our faces!

During the number 'Slipping Through My Fingers'  it somehow pull a chord in me - though my gal is only 10 now but you know how time flies with a blink of an eye she will be all grown up. 

The musical is even better then the movie, featuring many surprising twists and turns to keep you thoroughly engaged and entertained. Don't rush off after the curtain call stay on for the mini 'concert'! 

We left the theatre feeling hyper and energetic, humming and skipping our way home with ABBA music!

MAMMA MIA! is currently performing at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands until 14 December 2014. Performances are on Tuesday to Friday at 8pm, on Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm and on Sundays at 1pm & 6pm. Ticket price starts from SGD95 and can be purchased from Base Entertainment Asia