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I mentioned in my previous post about Hadara Abs Trim Program, today let me share with you my treatment experience.

The treatment involves the use of 'Robolex' a Korean technology machine which utilizes the integrated function of ultrasonic cavitation, radiofrequency (RF) thermal heating, lipolaser and vacuum technology to achieve optimal fat and inch loss. In summary it helps to firm up your saggy areas for me its my tummy!

The Robolex Machine

The treatment begins with Amy (my therapist) applying a cream over my tummy before she uses the ultrasonic cavitation applicator on my tummy. The ultrasonic cavitation applicator has a flat surface - it feels like Amy is 'ironing' my tummy flat (how I wish this is possible) the only discomfort is the 'beeping sound' which only you can hear and no one else can. The closer the applicator gets to your upper body the louder the beeping sound gets.

Step 1 : Ultrasonic Cavitation

The ultrasonic cavitation is a concentrated sonic energy targeted at selective areas to disrupt the fat cells through micro-bubbles which breaks the fat cell membranes. The fats released into the blood stream is broken up by the liver and others for new energy generation.

After 10 minutes, we move on to the next step which is the multipolar RF (Radio Frequency thermal heating). The multipolar RF applicator gives you the feeling that of a plunger except that this has thermal heating around the circumference. As the applicator moves around the targeted areas it creates heat which penetrates into the skin, collagen and the deeper layers of fat. The heat will liquefy the fat cells and cause them to shrink. Heating of the collagen will cause them to contract thus resulting in firmer and tighter skin. RF (Radio Frequency) also stimulates collagen and elastin formation for tauter, firmer and smoother skin.

Step 2 & 3 : Multipolar RF; Lipolaser & Vacuum Therapy

Thereafter was the lipolaser and vacuum therapy. The same applicator is used just on a different mode. The feeling is that of someone doing deep massage when the applicator glides around the stomach. The lipolaser disrupts the fat cells membranes releasing the fats into the blood circulation and metabolized by the body's natural function. Whilst the vacuum therapy aids in improving blood circulation and has shown to retard the aging process, revitalize the skin, weight and cellulite reduction. At the same time, Amy puts on the FDA-approved Power Lymph on my legs which complements the sessions by enhancing the lymphatic drainage and detox process to achieve faster, better results. There is no discomfort, feels more like you are getting a leg massage.

FDA-approved Power Lymph (I look like am wearing ski gear!)

Before and after the treatment Amy took measurements of my tummy. I was surprised that with just one treatment my tummy has reduced by 1.5cm in total. I have since done 11 sessions my tummy is now smaller and firmer!


I'm in my pursuit of a washboard flat tummy, of course there's no instant magic to anything, let alone technology. But coupled with a sensible diet, exercise and the help of the above treatment I'm sure I can achieve my ideal result! I'm also using the Aroma Slim Serum to help me with body shpaing and contouring to promote drainage and firming of the skin.

Aroma Slim Serum : Comes in 50ml @ SGD69 and 100ml @ SGD118

Drink plenty of water - at least 6 glasses a day before and after treatment. Light exercise (i.e. walking) is recommended after treatment to enhance the clearance of the fats released.

There are two packages available:

Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.1 SGD 3,288
- 6 Ultra-Cavitation (10 mins) + 6 RF Lipolaser (20 mins)
- 6 Power Lymph
- Slimming ampoules included

Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.2 SGD 4,688
-10 Ultra-Cavitation (10 mins) + 10 RF Lipolaser (20 mins)
- 10 Power Lymph
- Slimming ampoules included

each program comes with a complimentary consultation with Hadara's founding partner and Principal Weight Management Consultant, YY Low.

Now here's a treat for you, I have worked out with Hadara to offer RxR Magazine readers a very special promotion: quote "Wendy from RxR" to get either 6+2 for Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.1 or 10+5 for Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.2 (valid till Dec 2014).

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