Fun Day Out @ Octoburst 2014

In celebration of Children's Day, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay presented Octoburst! - A Children's Festival. I decided to bring my gal to wander around wonderland and explore an enchanting world of colours, imagination and endless possibilities through the arts. Since its said to be packed with whimsical and delightful performances to hands-on workshops, Octoburst! is indeed the perfect festival to encourage discovery, play and creativity.

Opted for a onesie ~ coral pink romper with gunmetal coloured beads of different shapes that shimmer atop each shoulder from Nan_Z.  Adult sophistication mixed with the memories of elementary school yesteryear plus they are super convenient (dressing wise, not bathroom wise - do allow a few extra minutes for those restroom breaks).

Wendy Shen RxR Magazine Nan_Z
Coral Pink Romper from Nan_Z

The scent of flowers and spices greets you when you step foot into the Esplanade and thats not all it was bustling with activities too!

RxR Magazine Esplanade Octoburst
The steps at the Concourse were beautiful decorated with the colors of the rainbow

At the Concourse, there was a choir performance, Go-Celebrate By Grace Orchard School.

At this day and age, even though technology has taken over we still love to receive a postcard the old fashion way - by post or 'snail mail'. We swang by Octopost - World Birds Delivery, where you get a chance to send someone you love a handwritten postcard. How? All you have to do is grab a post card, a stamp, pen your message and drop it off with any of the friendly Octopost Birds who are waiting eagerly to deliver you specially penned postcard.

Natasha Poon RxR Magazine Octoburst
Did you know? Birds like the pigeons have been used for more than 2,000 years to send messages. Homing pigeons were used in places like ancient Persia and Rome to carry messages back to their owners. Isn't that amazing?

Visual arts display can be seen throughout the Esplanade. Take for example, a pair of site-specific, two-dimensional mythological beasts stands guard at the theatre street façade. The mythological beasts were conceptualised specially for Octoburst! by Heri Dono, Javanese performance and multi-media artist during his recent Singapore stay. Titled: "The Gate of Peace", Dono's White Tiger and Green Dragon duo, functioning like an old-fashioned city gate, was specially created to user Esplanade audiences from the rear Concourse zone to the complex's mall. Dono, engaging with Esplanade's various festivals, produced articulated, large-scale wayang (a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancers) style animals referencing traditional Chinese symbols. Representative of th cardinal points, the White Tiger, guardian of the West, is associated with peace, virtue and autumn, while the Green Dragon, guardian of the East, is an emblem of power. Playful and visually appealing, but also full of ancient cultural meaning, "The Gate of Peace" shows how customs and beliefs from the past can find new meaning in public spaces through contemporary art.

RxR Magazine Esplanade Octoburst
The Gate of Peace By Heri Dono (Indonesia)

Step into the theatre street and you are greeted with an array of colourful ribbons adorned with bells.

Natasha Poon RxR Magazine

RxR Magazine Esplanade Octoburst

RxR Magazine Esplanade Octoburst

We caught the theatrical performance, Something Very Far Away.

Something Very Far Away, by Unicorn Theatre (UK) is a non-dialogue puppet show like no other. Although supposedly to be for children age 4 and above, but this charming modern day fairy tale is demographically suitable for all age groups - children or adults as the story revolves around love, death and loss. The story is simple - a mere 35 minutes long - BUT it is big in every way, particularly its emotions. Kepler, an astronmer who loves the cosmos and his wife, Tomasina. When his wife died in a tragic accident, the heartbroken Kepler sets about building a rocket that will bring him to outer space where he will be able to see his beloved wife again. For the deeper into space he looks the further into the past he sees and reminiscences. Kepler travels for light years, stopping at planets and gazing back at the world he left behind. He even reaches the end of the universe - 'still under construction' in his quest to catch a glimpse of his beloved wife.

"Telescopes are like time machines. If you are looking at things from which the light takes many years to reach you, you are truly looking at the past." 

The choice of music for each scene is very well choreographed and being able to see the action on the ground of the five puppeteers darting backwards and forwards between different puppet stage sets each have a camera set up in front seems so surreal and syncopated. The images are then projected onto to a large screen in the centre of the stage - giving audience the choice of either watching the story unfolding overhead as the puppeteers meticulously merge images from different locations onto screen or watch the puppets in action on stage.

"The deeper into space you look the further into the past you see."

A great show both the young and old will enjoy watching. Truly creative and inspirational!

We both had lots of fun and seeing my daughter enjoying herself so much makes me smile with joy inside out!

Something Very Far Away by Unicorn Theatre (UK)

All smiles

Its still not to late to soak in the festivities of Octoburst! which is on until 6 Oct, Monday. There are both ticketed and and non-ticketed activities taking place. For more information visit