Tesmi's DRx Journey: Haircare review + GOOD NEWS FOR ALL READERS!

Don't you just wish your hair can stay the way it is, perfect, forever? Well I do and in my opinion the hair on our head is the most essential part of the human body that defines our overall looks. I mean won't you find it disturbing if we were all bald? Or even, if everyone had a bad hair day, on the same day?

As I have mentioned a few times before, ever since my experience with digital perm and dyeing, my hair has become really thin and breakable. After a shower i would be distraught to see a clump of hair trapped at the mouth of the shower drain.

Thankfully my solution came in these three bottles generously sponsored by TheDRxMedispa!!!

Thickening Treatment Conditioner 
 Thickening Treatment Serum

Weeee just out from a nice bathe and I just applied the 'magic potion' on my head grow hair GROW!

A closer look of how the products look like

Now THIS, is magic potion.

Trying not to squeeze to hard haha

Hair is everything! The confidence that comes with having a well maintained and healthy hair is just damn awesome.

Honestly, I have low tolerence for people with clumpy, messy and oily hair, that reeks with the smell of *insert your most hated scent here*. It freaks me out to see a person like that, and I'm sure you'll freak out too. And if hair is thin... I don't know.

This is actually the 4th week i have been using the products and as you can tell, the results are evident. Just take a look at the photos in my previous post and compare the difference at where the hairline starts! The differences maybe slight but i must say, it is a long process that takes up to 6-9 months (varies from individuals with their own set of hair problems) in order to see changes visible to the naked eye.

Patients and perseverance are key factors to succeed in having healthy and beautiful hair.


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