Spencer Leung Sze Ho, The Celebrity Ghost Expert from Hong Kong

Spencer Leung Sze Ho (梁思浩)

If you don't already know, Spencer Leung Sze Ho (梁思浩)is a celebrity ghost buster from Hong Kong who has made himself a household name with his hosting talent in engaging his audience in different horror stories. He has been named the NO. 1 DJ in Hong Kong. He has acted in different shows and movies, which makes him the best person to talk to when you want to know more about Hong Kong entertainment industry - things that are happening behind the closed doors. He launched a smartphone application on 27 July 2014 for the public to go on haunting trails with the guidance from the application. Apart from his showbiz background, he is also experienced in doing businesses as he owns a dessert store which has been extended to three branches in Hong Kong.

Multi-Talented Spencer Leung

Spencer was recently in Singapore to promote his highly-rated paranormal show "Unbelievable - HK Mysteries" in which he delves into the supernatural mysteries in Hong Kong. The series is currently airing on cHK MioTV Channel 510 (HD) every Wednesday at 10:00pm (SG) ./. 511 (On Demand). The documentary series is about six beautiful models competing through haunted hunts in Hong Kong that are said to be haunted, including "Tai Po Hundred Colonial Mansion" and "Tai Siu A Chau Deserted Village.


We managed to catch up with him during his visit to find out from him what makes him tick and learn more about ghosts.

RxR Magazine:  How did you discover you had the talent for this unique line of work? And when did you start?

Spencer Leung: I started acting when I was 16. One day, the boss of Cable TV (Hong Kong) approached me and asked if I was interested in hosting paranormal shows. Actually, I rejected his offer at first because I was really scared about all those paranormal activities. But he finally persuaded me and gave me three months to try it out first. Then, I realized I fell in love with it and now the show has been running for over 10 years, with more than 500 episodes. It’s now the most popular paranormal show in Hong Kong and even other countries.

RxR Magazine: What kind of training does one have to have to be a ghost buster? Do you have to have a doctor of ghostology or something?

Spencer Leung: You have to read a lot of books about religions and science, because you have to explain to the audience with credibility. And you have to respect the other side (the world of ghosts). You also have to know what can be explained in a scientific way and what cannot.

RxR Magazine: Is there a difference between ghosts and spirits?

Spencer Leung: No, they’re the same, just that we may have different name preferences.

RxR Magazine: I think in general everyone are afraid of ghosts because they hear stories of the terrible things they can do or of things flying around. Are most ghosts something to be scared of, or are most of them rather harmless/gentle?

Spencer Leung: Most of them are harmless, unless you try to confront them. There’s always one rule that you have to obey: you don’t disturb them and they won’t disturb you. And they indeed look like human beings. However, they’re translucent and with no emotion. And to me, human beings could be scarier than ghosts. Human beings could do more harm.

RxR Magazine: Why do you think ghosts hang around? Do you think ghosts stop being ghosts at some point and move on?

Spencer Leung: The ghosts that are hanging around don’t know they are ghosts already. And it’s always related to the time they’re supposed to die. For example, if you’re supposed to die at 90 but you commit suicide at 30, you’ll be a ghost for 60 years as a punishment. You have to finish your life cycle before getting to the next level. And it’s the same for every religion, even though different religions have different interpretations of Samsara (the paths to go after death).

RxR Magazine: Does production get in your way?

Spencer Leung: It does, because the electronic devices nowadays use frequency, which can be easily affected by ghosts because they are frequency as well. If they don’t want to be shot, they could do whatever they want. Sometimes, your equipment may be down. But old cameras will work the best in capturing them because the cameras don’t work with frequency.

RxR Magazine: What a typical shooting schedule is like and what kind of information it contains?

Spencer Leung: My life is actually very busy now… But I’ve explored every area that we’ve shot in the show. You cannot make the stories up and you have to understand the stories behind the haunted places.

RxR Magazine: Were there any locations you wanted to explore that you didn’t get the chance? And among all the locations you went to explore is there a particular favourite one?

Spencer Leung: Singapore! I’ve been to a lot of Asian countries, but not Singapore! I heard that Singapore has a lot of haunted places. One place is called… Changi Hospital. Because hospitals witness the death and birth of a lot of living creatures. It’s how life begins and ends. There is so much happening, so it would be great to explore that.

And my favourite location would be Fuji mountain. The houses below Fuji mountain are actually haunted because the mountain used to be a volcano and a lot of people died there. It’s my favourite because haunted places are usually dirty and filthy, but Fuji mountain is so beautiful that you can’t believe that it’s haunted.

RxR Magazine: Were there any location where you or the team felt scared or nervous? Are there any things you won’t do when doing an investigation? Is anything over the line for you?

Yes, an old police station in Hong Kong. And it’s in the 12 th episode of Unbelievable: HK Mysteries if I remember it correctly. During that episode, one of the models has to sit in a very dark room of the police station. Suddenly, the door of the room starts closing and she wants to get out. When she gets back to her seat, the door starts opening again. So, it’s opening, closing, opening, closing… It just won’t let the girl to leave. And we can see from the CCTV that the girl wants to jump off from the window because she’s too scared. We know it has to be stopped and we rush to help and rescue her.
One thing I won’t do is digging up the bodies from the graves. Some of my crew members may do that for the sake of making the show interesting. But I personally won’t do that because it’s about respect. 


We are hoping one day they just might come to Singapore and shoot a documentary series!