Route to being a 'Yummy Mummy'

I think I speak for all mummies when I say 'I want to be a YUMMY MUMMY!' In the upcoming months I will share with you my route to being a Yummy Mummy!

As a mum I genuinely am baffled when I see the immaculately turned out 'Yummy Mummy Brigade' having their chi-chi tea sessions or just out and about with their well-groomed, well-behaved children in tow like part of their accessory. You think I'm jealous don't you? Yes, you are dead right I am! My insecurities doesn't just stop there. Flip open any beauty magazines and you see a swoon of celebrity mummies who seemed to make motherhood look glamourous. The likes of Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bündchen, Beyonce or Jessica Alba - all of whom seem to have mastered the art of going through a pregnancy without the weight gain and bouncing back into perfect shape right after delivery looking effortlessly stylish and sexy while floating in their high heels and skinny jeans with their kids under their arms we can't help but feel somewhat envious. Why not me?

That said I realise that I had been waiting for something to happen on its own accord but nothing had changed. I had to do something to feel and look 'YUMMY' or it would have never happened for me. And once I understood that being a mum does not mean that you are not a woman anymore, everything changed. My attitude towards time, my image and myself shifted for good.

For starters, I consulted YY Low, Co-Founder of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, who is also a Psychologist and ex-model on 'Hadara's Weight Management Program'. Having struggled with weight issues herself, YY is passionate in helping others to achieve their ideal weight and live a healthier and more beautiful life! And being a mummy herself, she's able to relate to my insecurities and weight issues.

Serious weight loss has to be approached holistically and starts with a willingness to change one's mindset and lifestyle. Hadara Slimming Program involves:

1. Use of technology for fat reduction, skin firming and tightening;
2. Nutritional counselling;
3. Lifestyle counselling;

YY recommended me to take up 'Hadara Abs Trim Program - instant fix for a slimmer trimmer abs', which forms part of my Hadara's holistic and customized tummy slimming program. The treatment is a step to looking slimmer and feeling lighter using Korean multi-functional advanced body contouring system which is said to achieve at least 3cm inch loss* (*results may vary with individuals) effortlessly with each session.

My story...

YY put me on a "Hadara 10 kg Challenge" - a challenge to change my mindset and lifestyle for a slimmer healthier new ME! I started the program weighing 67.5 kg with a waist of 96.5 cm, and in just one month I lost 2.3 kg and 4 cm off my waist! I'm so amazed with the results that am smiling from ear to ear.

Let me tell you more about this treatment.

Hadara's body contouring system which utilizes the integrated function of ultrasonic cavitation, Radiofrequency (RF) thermal heating, lipolaser and vacuum technology to achieve optimal fat and inch loss.

Ultrasonic Cavitation  - concentrated sonic energy to targeted areas to selectively disrupt the fat cells through micro-bubbles which breaks the fat cell membranes. The fats released into the blood circulation is broken up by the liver and others for new energy generation.

Multipolar RF creates heat in the targeted areas which penetrates into the skin, collagen and the deeper layers of fat. The heat will liquefy the fat cells and cause them to shrink. Heating of the collagen will cause them to contract thus resulting in firmer and tighter skin. RF also stimulates collagen and elastin formation for tauter, firmer and smoother skin.

Lipolaser disrupts the fat cells membranes releasing the fats into the circulation and metabolized by the body's natural function. Light exercise post treatments enhances the break down and removal of fats from the treatment area.

Vacuum Therapy benefits are well known. Vacuum Therapy aids in improving blood circulation and has shown to retard the aging process, revitalize the skin, weight and cellulite reduction. (As a side note, cellulite can also be treated using Hadara's advanced body contouring system. Since restricted blood flow causes cellulite build-up, vacuum therapy improves blood circulation to remove toxics and dead fat cells. Cellulite removal results in smoother and firmer skin at the thighs and buttocks area.)

FDA-approved Power Lymph complements the sessions by enhancing the lymphatic drainage and detox process to achieve faster, better results.

The results?
- Inch loss
- Fat reduction
- Cellulite reduction
- Firmer and tighter skin
- Better body contour
- Improved metabolism

How often should the sessions be done?
Ideally a client should start with twice a week sessions after which the frequency can be dropped to once a week and then fortnightly once the ideal fat reduction and inch loss has been achieved.

At a later stage maintenance sessions can be done once a month.

Who are suitable candidates?
Ladies and men who have exercise and diet resistant tummy fats and love handles, post natal mummies and mummies who find it hard to lose post natal bulge even after many years.

Drink plenty of water - at least 6 glasses a day before and after treatment. Light exercise after treatment to enhance the clearance of the fats released.

There are two packages available:

Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.1 SGD 3,288
- 6 Ultra-Cavitation (10 mins) + 6 RF Lipolaser (20 mins)
- 6 Power Lymph
- Slimming ampoules included

Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.2 SGD 4,688
-10 Ultra-Cavitation (10 mins) + 10 RF Lipolaser (20 mins)
- 10 Power Lymph
- Slimming ampoules included

each program comes with a complimentary consultation with Hadara's founding partner and Principal Weight Management Consultant, YY Low.

I have worked out with Hadara to offer RxR Magazine readers a very special promotion: quote "Wendy from RxR" to get either 6+2 for Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.1 or 10+5 for Hadara Abs Trim Program 1.2 (valid till Dec 2014).

If I have spurred you on, why not drop YY an email at; telephone at +65-6969-3022 to embark on a holistic journey to self discovery!


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