Was so glad to be invited to the Fashion Beach Festival this year!

It was held at Tanjong Beach Club, and even though it was my first time being there, I had such an amazing time. The people were so gorgeous, and the runway show couldn't be more fabulous. I never knew I would enjoy it that much!!!

Other than the partying and dancing, the fashion show was the highlight of the night! I absolutely loved the pieces because it's just so versatile and chic. But, I loved the models more. Those guys were absolutely dashing. Please don't mistake me for a superficial bimbo, I mean, who can't resist eye candies? Gosh just look at them.

This was the piece I loved most. So simple yet elegant.

Took loads of pics too!

Last but not least, thank you Jane Chew from Bang & Olufsen for the invite! Muacks.