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Kelly Siew
Multi-Talented Kelly Siew ~ Doctor, Singer-Songwriter & Food Blogger 

I first met Kelly at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral where she was performing as part of "Live @ Aloft Hotels". Kelly has a set of powerful vocals - being able to sing in a sultry voice, soft and airy when it suits the occasion, but switches back to a fuller tone with speed and aplomb the next. Not only can she reach both high and low notes, she can also hold longer notes. In summary,  she manages to achieve such dulcet-toned perfection with each song and her soulful voice flows right across our ears.

Wendy Shen Kelly Siew

An introduction of Kelly Siew

Dr Kelly Siew is a talented singer-songwriter and her journey has started since she was 7. Born and raised in Malaysia, she has participated and won various singing competitions over the years. It certainly didn’t stop after she came to Australia for her study – she won Melbourne University karaoke championship 2 years in a row in 2002 and 2003; 1st runner up for the International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in the Melbourne division in 2007.

Kelly Siew

She had remained active in the performing circuit while in Melbourne (even when practicing as a Doctor) and has performed for many public concerts and charity shows, as well as corporate shows and weddings. She was part of the judging panel for the 2010 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship Melbourne Division, as well as guest performer for year 2008, 2009 and 2010 in the grand finals.

Kelly Siew

Kelly Siew

Being a student of the Master School of David Jaanz School of Singing in Melbourne, she has also participated regularly in the end of year showcases and most notably has been selected to perform in the Top 30 Showcase 4 years in a row.

Besides singing, she was the runner up of 2008 Miss Chinese Melbourne Pageant and 2nd runner up for Miss University Melbourne 2007.

Kelly Siew
Runner Up of 2008 Miss Chinese Melbourne Pageant

Since she relocated to Kuala Lumpur, she took no time at all to gather a bunch of equally passionate musicians and thus her band was formed in July 2011. She has performed for corporate and commercial events for a list of clients that likes of BAT, Swiss Watch Gallery, Hewlett Packard, etc., spotted on stage for New Year countdowns, other prestigious venues and upmarket F&B venues. She is also one of the lead vocalists of local cover band Mad Sally http://www.madsally.com.

Kelly Siew
Lead Vocalist in the band "Mad Sally"

Her style was traditionally Chinese pop, and being in Australia has helped in developing a fusion of Jazz, Pop and R&B in her singing. She prides herself for being able to switch between the extremes of romantic Jazz gigs to high energetic pop-rock performances at ease.

She has worked with James Roche from Bachelor Girl in the past with co-writing her original music, as well as Jhay C in Melbourne. Her most popular original song "Broken Glass" is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Some of her original works can be found at http://www.reverbnation.com/kellysiew and for some of her live performances/showreel check out http://www.youtube.com/kellychin61


Her original composition "Love Lost Love Found" (Chinese) has been featured in Melbourne's Feature Film "Citizen Jia Li" which was released in 2011. It has been played in Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2011 [USA], Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2011 [AUST], Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival 2011 [N. Ireland], Asian Australian Film forum 2011 [AUST] and Big Island Film Festival 2012 [USA] and released in L.A in 2013. The soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Kelly Siew - Love Lost Love Found

She has collaborated with Australian based producer Mehrad for a trance track and this track has landed them a contract with Enhanced Music, a record label based in UK. The remised track by Polish producer Sebastian Weikum "Lonely" has been released on 6th August 2013 as part of "Digital Enhanced Volume Six" and has received good feedbacks internationally. The original mix has been released as a single (along with the remix) on the 9th December 2013 digitally. More details here: http://www.enhancedmusic.com/releases/details/149831.

We were elated to have the opportunity to catch up with her for a short e-interview in between her hectic schedule. So here's the scoop...

RxR Magazine: You were majoring in medical what made you snap and decided to take a sabbatical and pursue a music career? 

Kelly Siew: It wasn’t a sudden transition at all, as I have planned to do this all my life. I started singing and performing on stage since I was 7 and have always wanted to sing professionally. I got into Medicine partly because I am interested in human biology and pathology and I did get a sense of satisfaction while practicing as a Doctor. However, juggling hospital work and singing performances weren’t easy and I wanted some time to truly focus on my music, that’s why I decided to take a sabbatical and moved from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur.

RxR Magazine: What drives you or fuels your passion for music? 

Kelly Siew: Well, simply put: I feel happiest whenever I’m singing, whether on or off stage. I’m lucky to be surrounded with many talented individuals who keep me on my toes, wanting to improve myself always. Ultimately I don’t want to live life with regrets, so I will do whatever I can to achieve my goals. 

RxR Magazine: Did you encounter setbacks/discouragement in your route to pursue a music career? What drives you on? 

Kelly Siew: Switching from Medical to Music, I definitely encountered a lot of nay-sayers. It’s definitely not an easy industry to be in and in fact in the beginning I had to do a lot of networking myself to be able to get shows. Fortunately there are also great people who have been supportive of what I do and helped me along the way. 

RxR Magazine: I know you love cooking what inspires you to concoct your own recipes? 

Kelly Siew: Cooking for me is a therapeutic process and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, be it new or old recipes. It gives me great satisfaction when the food came out looking good and more importantly, taste delicious, and I love feeding people too.

RxR Magazine: Food seems to be your love as well how do you indulge and still look so slender? 

Kelly Siew: It’s all about knowing what I am putting into my body and exercising portion control. I try to eat clean as much as possible, which means I cook at home regularly. I never eat junk food and stay away from sugar completely. I also keep a pretty active lifestyle with my stage performances and light workout whenever I’m at home.

RxR Magazine: What type of songs are your favourite to sing? Is there a genre you will not sing? 

Kelly Siew: At this current state my favourite genre would be rock/heavy metal although I do like many genres. I love music that keeps me on my feet. I probably wouldn’t do much of Hip Hop though. 

RxR Magazine: Do you play any instruments? 

Kelly Siew: I had organ and violin lessons when I was younger. But now I play the Keyboard regularly. 

RxR Magazine: Are you taking part in the Project Aloft Star 2014?

Kelly Siew: Unfortunately not but my keyboardist, Clinton Liew is and he's in the top 15! Show your support by voting for him at http://web3.mtvasia.com/microsite/projectaloftstar/sea/videos/sea/profile/327 and you might be the lucky one to win a trip to Aloft Seoul Gangnam!

Stay connected with Kelly Siew via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kellysiewmusic; Youtube http://www.youtube.com/kellychin61. Check out her official site http://kellysiewcooks.com

Kelly Siew