Le Gateau Maison :: Delectable, Divine, Desserts


The French have an extraordinary way of creating their food. It is said that the French add a bit of passion in every recipe. Not to mention the divine desserts!

Le Gâteau Maison is an online premium cake shop owned by Clive Siek and what makes it extraordinary is that Le Gâteau Maison offers an array of delectable cakes, made with the finest ingredients imported from France and are reasonably priced. Behind each cake tells a story of a place where it first originated and at first bite rekindles fond memories.

The cakes are beautifully crafted which made deciding which to try a challenge. As much as we would like to try everything on the menu our stomach can't handle it.

We picked a few to try out....

Noisette (which means Hazelnut in French)


Fraisinette also known as Shortcake aux Fraises (which means Strawberry Shortcake in French)

Cerises (which means Cherries in French)


Our personal favourite? Noisette of course. Chocolate and hazelnut combo is our ultimate favourite. Noisette comprises of layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge, hazelnut praline mousse, dark chocolate mousse and a crunchy layer of rich dark chocolate ganache. It was neither too sweet nor too rich. It was infact sinfully good and simply to die for, worth every calorie!

If we have got you salivating infront of your screen whilst reading,  head on down to Pasta de Waraku to try out the various slices of cakes (each slice is at SGD8.50). Or better yet, if there is an occassion coming up with a click of your mouse you can easily order a cake for any occasion via their portal http://legateaumaison.com/ a minimum of 2 days notice is required.

Bon Appétit!