Interview with YY Low, Co-Owner of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique

Tucked in a corner of Boat Quay lies a hidden gem, Hadara Aesthetics Boutique. A newly opened aesthetics boutique by 3 empowering woman, one of whom is Ms YY Low who is a proud mother of 2 kids - a girl and a boy, a model and a business woman.

I have had the opportunity to meet YY a couple of times and each time I am awe struck of her flawless skin, slim and slender figure and her knowledge of skincare and body wellness. Now ladies and (maybe a handful of) gentlemen, I'm proud to share with you an interview with Ms YY Low, Co-Owner of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique.

Ms YY Low

The tall, svelte & beautiful YY

Firstly congratulations YY on the opening of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.

RxR Magazine: 
What is the meaning of 

YY: Hadara is a hebrew word for "beauty, glory and splendor'. Our boutique aims to be your personal beauty shangri-la for heavenly instant.

RxR Magazine: Can you share with us briefly on your background and experience? 

YY: My credentials: 
BSc Psychology (Hons), Singapore
MSc (Distinction) Health Psychology, London
British Psychology Society Graduate Member

I started modelling as a full time model in my early 20s after I graduated with Honours in Psychology. I was with the former Elite Management Modelling agency in Singapore. When I left to study in London, I was with another agency and worked for brands like 
Vivienne Westwood
 and Hugo Boss Women.

Before I stayed home for my children, I was counselling children with behavioural and overweight issues at Health Promotion Board. Determined to make sure my children grow up well, I decided to give up my job and commit to them at least first 5 years of their lives, which are the crucial forming years. Now that the youngest is more than 5 years, opportunities started coming my way to own a business. In a way I am reinventing myself again from model to psychologist to stay home mum and now to becoming an entrepreneur.

Having her makeup done before a photo-shoot

The final touches before the shoot

RxR Magazine: You mention you use to be a plus size which is hard to imagine how did you manage to look so slim, slender and chic now?

YY: Though I did modelling, I have always struggled with my weight, since I was 9 years old, throughout my teenage years. Subsequently my post pregnancy weight. I tried all kinds of diet and exercise but maintenance was always an issue. Having went through the journey myself, in recent years I found a way to keeping the weight off and maintain a slim physique. The key is in maintenance. I believe in 'aging' gracefully and even at 50, a women's charm will be even richer than ever.

The artistic side of YY

RxR Magazine: You are a mum of 2 kids a girl and a boy, and a business woman how do you juggle your time?

YY: It is not easy I must say. Some days I have to sacrifice sleep because I still try to be very involved in my children's lives. But I tell myself... take one day at a time.

RxR Magazine: What inspired you to open 
Hadara and whats the best part about owning your own aesthetics boutique?

YY: I am very thankful for my partners in Hadara, Grace and Luping. Besides my life experiences which inspired me, they are the important people in my life who made it happen. I got to know them when I went to seek their help for DERMAGOLD skincare to improve my skin when I started to notice “aging”signs on my skin! I heard that its a very affordable yet highly effective skincare line. I was frustrated with skincare products which cost me a bomb but with little results. Subsequently, we became good friends. As I have a passion in helping people with weight issues and had previous experience counselling obese kids in the Health Promotion Board, we felt that it was a good fit for me to team up with them to start an aesthetics boutique to provide holistic aesthetics and slimming services. 
Hadara is also a retail outlet that people can buy DERMAGOLD skincare which I am so passionate about that Grace and Luping decided to use me as the face for their skincare line!

Doing business requires multi-tasking skills and I am realizing that everything I did in my life contributed to Hadara in some way. Also vanity is a big contributing factor for me to go into the beauty business!

The best part is that besides able to help others looking good (my job satisfaction is when I see results for people who come to me), along the way, I got to know people who offered their support to journey with me in this business.

Co-Owners YY & Luping

RxR Magazine: What are the kind of treatments you offer for both men and women and what is your signature or specialty treatment?

YY: Hadara Aesthetics Boutique is your personal beauty Shangri-la – a cozy, intimate corner of tranquility for heavenly face & body instant fixes. We specialize in harnessing the best of technology and science to deliver effective, fuss-free aesthetic solutions to both ladies and men. Our lunchtime signature treatments for the face include Hadara Power Facial, Hadara Lazer Glow Therapy and Hadara BioPeel Therapy. For those with more time for pampering we recommend our 120min Hadara Shangri-la Skin Revitalizer.

Our signature body treatments are our Hadara Abs Trim Program (for slimming down bulging tummies and love handles) and Hadara Anti-Cellulite Program (to reduce unsightly cellulite that trouble many ladies).

Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy is also a hot favourite among executives with tired eyes and those that have been using the their laptops and mobile phones for extended hours!

RxR Magazine: Do you do all the treatments yourself? How many people do you have on staff?

YY: I oversee the daily operations of 
Hadara  with a team of 3 staff currently. I am also supported by my 2 other partners from the medical aesthetics industry. I do some of the Hadara slimming and body contouring treatments myself but we also have other professionally trained aesthetics therapists assisting with the treatments. I do try to make a point to connect with every client who signs up for any of our body slimming/ shaping/ contouring services to complement with nutritional and fitness advice. I also link up with fitness instructors especially for people who are overweight and need extra help to achieve their ideal body weight. At Hadara , we believe in a holistic approach towards slimming and body contouring.

RxR Magazine: What type of products do you use in Hadara  and are they created by you?

YY: Hadara uses DERMAGOLD skincare for facial treatments, a home-grown skincare line created by my 2 other partners who are medical doctors. DERMAGOLD is a meticulously curated cosmeceutical line with high performance active ingredients offering Asian women and men skincare solution systems that work synergistically to produce optimal and effective results. Created based on the brand philosophy of “Science, Beauty, Sensorial”, DERMAGOLD products are highly effective, easy to use and lovely to the senses.

An exotic superberry Sea Buckthorn is one of the best kept beauty secrets in the skincare line!

The super berry Sea Buckthorn

Despite its name it doesn't grow in the water world.

Our star products include : Miracle C+, Skin Elixir and Skin Resurrector.
You have to try it for yourself!

RxR Magazine: What does 
Hadara  offer that makes it stand out compared to other aesthetic boutiques and why have you chosen to open at Raffles Place area?

YY: Hadara  offers personalized boutique aesthetic services in quaint and tranquil shop-house near the Singapore River midst the bustling Raffles Place area. We hope to provide a hideaway for busy and stressed out executives who can walk in, and strut out rejuvenated by the "Hadara Experience". Being small, intimate and cosy is a strong advantage for us as we know each client personally and can cater to their specific needs, concerns and schedules. We believe in a highly personalized service to differentiate ourselves from the regular large chain type of beauty salon. We also do not believe in hard selling of beauty services which has unfortunately given the beauty industry a bad name.

We also allow Hadara to be booked for that special private occasion eg. birthday of a loved one, wedding proposal, or even just a quiet romantic date with your partner.

Each Hadara experience ends with a curated tea with beauty, detox or anti-oxidant benefits.

RxR Magazine: I notice your boutique has pictures of ‘grey stones’ adjourning the walls and rooms what does the grey stone symbolizes?

The grey stones symbolizes natural, calming and comforting.

RxR Magazine: How did you design the look and feel of Hadara and what vibes are they supposed to give your customers when they walk in the door?

YY: The interior finishing will make one feel natural, calming, comforting while the furniture will have a quirky, modern, eclectic feel. 
Also, it will appeal to the senses such as touch, sight, sound, scent.

RxR Magazine: What is your number one goal for your customers to achieve after visiting Hadara? What will make your customers come back time and time again?

YY: Happy, blissful and beautiful! I would definitely say its our professional effective treatments with that personal connection that keeps our customers coming back for more!

Co-Founders Grace & YY with one of their client

Co-Founders YY & Luping with their client


To find out more head over to Hadara Aesthetics Boutique Facebook; Instagram @Hadara_SG email; telephone +65-6969-3022; or even better drop by personally to check it out and say 'Hi' to YY at the same time!

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique
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