Interview with Dylan!

Today we are really honored to have Dylan with us in the hot seat!

Dylan is the founder of Superstore Singapore, and an award-winning blogger. We find out what makes him tick.

Q1. Would you classify yourself as a “full-time” or a “part-time” blogger?
Part-time, hobby-like, blogging isn't my job, I do it because I find it fun to do, somewhere where I can express myself freely when I need to.
When I'm old and dying, it'll probably be something I want to read and remember the days I had.
 Q2. How do you think bloggers are perceived by companies in Singapore?

Bloggers can be engaged to help start ups or big companies gain more "shotgun" exposure, the attention given to the masses can be abtained at significantly lower costs than traditional advertising.
However, due to changes in search engine algorithms over the recent years, engaging bloggers will no longer be as effective as before.
 Q3. Can you share with us a personal example of a positive working relationship with a sponsor?Ayam Pte Ltd invited me to a fried chicken event, however I couldn't make it as I was on crutches for a period of time due to knee surgery.
Instead, Ayam Pte Ltd decided to say "Hey, it's ok, we'll send the fried chicken to you instead! Give us your address!"

Hours later, Dozens of fried chicken and vouchers(for me to give away) arrived at my place.
Point of the story is, be flexible, be generous, not only is this engaging, it also filled up my whole family's tummy, a full tummy is a happy tummy, and that makes a blogger happy, that means a happiness fill article.

 Q4. How about a personal example of a not-so-positive working relationship with a sponsor?  
Alamak Pte Ltd is holding a campaign over a period of 6months and engaged some bloggers for a "Blogging competition".
10 Bloggers get invited and briefed on the campaign and what-to-dos, at the end of the day the best blogger gets $1000 prize.
Let's put this into a different perspective, you expect 10 writers to work for you for free, the best gets paid, the other 9 doesn't.
Everybody sacrificed days aside for the event, hours into writing, just to be told "Sorry, we picked the best blogger to win".
Now that's not a very win-win situation isn't it? 

 Q5. The blogging scene in Singapore is a relatively new one, compared to that of UK, America and even Finland. As a popular Singaporean blogger known for his random, engaging material, do you have any tips for bloggers or companies when it comes to cultivating a happy working relationship?

Be genuine, be personal, even if it's a sponsored product, please don't give a biased review just because you're paid or it's "free".

Nowadays whenever I browse local blogs, it's all advertorials and sponsored articles(like 9 out of 10 blog posts), there is nothing personal for me to read, We must strike a balance, nobody buys a magazine just to look at ads, you don't buy a copy of the daily newspapers just to go "Wow, advertisements!", this case is exceptional if you're working in the advertising industry though.
What am I saying.......I think we should be asking ourselves, what is the purpose of the blog for? What are you striving so hard for? What do we want to be out of the blogs that we run?

Take a look at popular international blogs online such as , they have a direction and purpose, and we should learn from it, treat it as a passion-driven hobby and you will produce good content and ultimately, become an influential blog in the end of the day.