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Hadara Aesthetics Boutique RxR Magazine
Hadara Aesthetics Boutique

Nestled amongst the rows of colonial shophouses along Boat Quay lies ~ Hadara Aesthetics BoutiqueA quaint and tranquil hide away from the hustle and bustle of the typical Raffles Place mayhem.

Hadara offers heavenly fixes for your skin and body. A place of happiness, bliss and beauty where men and women can find effective, fuss-free solutions for their skin and body.

Having a strategic location in the heart of the central business district makes it a perfect excuse for you to walk in and strut out with the beautiful Hadara experience during lunch time or as a perk me up during tea-break.

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique RxR Magazine
Hadara is located at 23 Lorong Telok, parking is available along the street or at the nearby
buildings i.e. The Central, Golden Shoe etc. 

Hadara is nestled amongst the colonial shophouses

When you first step foot into Hadara a warm welcoming scent encompasses you. Thats the Hadara scent specially concocted by Abundant Earth Singapore, it is a synergy of wood scents – sweet, green, floral and citrus. Complementing the wood theme are cheerful, uplifting citrus notes which lift and lighten this grounding, centering blend. Key oils are Atlas Cedarwood, grounding, rejuvenating, represents abundance and strength; woody/floral Petitgrain, highly valued for its relaxing and uplifting effect, and Mandarin, to calm anxious nerves and dissolve tension.

Zen theme interior design

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique RxR Magazine
Walls are adorn with pictures of grey stones
symbolizing natural, calming & comforting

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique Wendy Shen
The hall way to heavenly fixes

Come follow me to shangri-la

Are you ready to enjoy your treatment? I am

We tried out the Hadara Power Facial and the Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy.

Hadara Power Facial
The Hadara Power Facial is an effective facial that can be customised for each individual's skin condition and needs (i.e. sensitive skin or even acne prone skin). This treatment is highly recommended by Hadara for time challenged executives and busy mummies (like myself where time is scarce), who are looking forward to clean and clear skin in just 60 minutes! Complemented by a nourishing and relaxing Cleopine air spray invented by a Korean doctor. This treatment is an instant perk me up and can be done during lunch time or after a long hard day's work.

The ala carte price is SGD150 whilst the a package of 3 is SGD 400, a package of 6 is SGD750 and package of 10 is SGD1,088.

My face was first cleanse, scrub, extraction (that cleans out clogged skin with minimal pain - amazing isn't it?), massage/lymphatic drainage (Amy my therapist for the day gives a very good massage that I fell asleep), Cleopine air-spray penetration followed by a mask.

Cleopine air-spray
The highlight of the Hadara Power Facial is the Cleopine air-spray. Cleopine ampoules and air spray are invented by a Korean doctor. It is manufactured using a patented technology and it is FDA approved as a food substance (it can be sprayed safely into the mouth!!).

Cleopine air-spray machine also known as "Cutie 720"

Cleopine ampoule are especially suitable for sensitive skin and is penetrated into the skin using a special nano-technology air spray.

Cleopine contains: fermented peptides from Haesongi Mushrooms grown in Korea,
nutrients extracted from Geumgang Pine Trees in Korea and high quality mineral salt

Cleopine benefits: whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle,
moisturising, improve skin tone, skin rejuvenation

Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy
Eyes are the "Mirror of the soul" - clichéd but true! You would want your eyes - the main feature of your face to sparkle with good health and happiness. The Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy (30min) is a perfect complement to the Hadara Power Facial. An eye therapy with massage & mask that will put you on cloud 9! Especially suitable for those who has tired eyes or those who use mobile, laptops and PC for extended hours (yes am guilty to all the above)! The ala carte price is SGD 88, a package of 3 $240, a package of 6 SGD 450 and a package of 10 SGD 680.

Men also need beauty maintenance 

Hadara Products
Products used by Hadara are DERMGOLD skincare – a meticulously curated cosmeceutical line with high performance active ingredients offering Asian women and men skincare solution systems that work synergistically to produce optimal and effective results. Created based on the brand’s philosophy of “Science, Beauty, Sensorial”, DERMGOLD products are highly effective, easy to use and lovely to the senses.

Dermagold Hadara Aesthetics Boutique
Dermagold range of products

Dermagold Hardara Aesthetics Boutique
Philosophy of Dermagold

I felt simply refreshed and energized after my treatments. My face was whiter, glowing and totally nourished and my eyes were sparkling like the stars in the sky!

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique Wendy Shen
Rejuvenated ME

The Hadara Experience ends with a beauty or rejuvenation tea served with some sweet or savory snacks.

Hardara Aesthetics Boutique RxR Magazine
Different tea for different needs

Hardara Aesthetics Boutique RxR Magazine

What we love about Hadara Aesthetics Boutique is the personal touches like how some treatments are customized to suit each individual's skin condition needs and the cozy ambiance, unlike the bigger chains which in general are more commercialize and treatments are catered for the masses. You can be assured Hadara does not engage in hard-selling thus you can enjoy your "Hadara Experience" with a peace of mind without any perturbation.

RxR readers you would be pleased to know we have worked out with Hadara to offer you the following sweet treats:-

1. Quote "Try out what Wendy tried!" Buy Hadara Power Facial (60min) + Hadara Sparkling 
    Eye Treatment (30min) at $120 (UP $238) for 1st time customer (valid till Sept 2014)
2. Quote “RxR” or “Wendy” to get 10% off all packages (valid till Dec 2014)
3. Buy any 5 DERMAGOLD products to enjoy 10% discount (valid till Dec 2014)

Stay connected with Hadara Aesthetics Boutique via Facebook www.facebook.com/hadaraaesthetics and instagram @Hadara_SG for the latest updates and promotions.

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique
23 Lorong Telok #01-01
Singapore 049035
Tel: +65-6969-3022
Mobile: +65-9654-7449
Website: http://hadaraaesthetics.com/
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10:00am to 8:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm
(located opposite One George Street)