Cavalia :: Frolicking with Horses

Being urban dwellers, when an invite to welcome and get intimate with the horses of Cavalia presented itself we were beyond excited!

Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse

Cavalia feature 50 majestic horses representing 11 different breeds, hailing from Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA, has arrived in Singapore after a 5 weeks long vacation as well as a quarantine prior to flying into Singapore about a week ago. The horses traveled in style on board a chartered Boeing-747 with a dedicated team of Cavalia's equine specialists of vets, trainers, health technicians, grooms and farriers, and  instead of cavier and champagne they get top quality hay. The horses have been on this vacation, its something Cavalia always do when they move from city to city. Their last city of performance was at Brussels, Belgium. This is Cavalia's maiden voyage into Asia, and Singapore is their first pit-stop before they travel on to Seoul, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan. 

RxR Magazine
The Stars of the show...

RxR Magazine
strutting down the red carpet gracefully and stylishly

RxR Magazine
Stealing the limelight is the smallest horse, Troubadour, a 15 year-old miniature stallion

The horses are housed in a 1,500 square-metre stables, each having their own designated stall with ample space to stretch, lie down, sprawl out, roll and relax. They always have the same neighbours to ensure their environment is familiar and comfortable. Every day the horses get their share of pampering, including showers, grooming, massages and workshops with their riders and outings to the paddocks. The performance aspect for each horse lasts roughly 12 minutes. The rest of their daily activities include warm-up, recoup, grooming and free time. Cavalia's horse training is based upon a philosophy of understanding the needs, the preferences and the emotions of the four-legged stars. The tone of the show, embraced by the entire company, is one of mutual respect, kindness, patience and trust.

Air-conditioned stables housing the 50 horses of Cavalia

The royal treatment begins with...

A shower and scrub

A massage

The professional masseuse shared with us that she massages 25 horses per week, each session takes about 50 to 80 minutes depending on the type of massage (Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Electrodes) the horse is getting.

Getting their hair pleated

best foot forward, getting their shoes changed by David, the farrier

The 36 artistes, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and riders are hailing from Canada, France, Belgium, the USA, Morocco, Australia, Moldavia, Spain, South Africa and Sweden. The troupe also includes 5 musicians (guitar, keyboard, bass, drum and cello) and a singer. The average age of the artistes is 25 years old. The artistes apply their own make-up before each performance, following the guidelines prepared by the make-up designer and referring to photos of themselves to ensure perfection every time. 

Wendy Shen
Laura Baubry with her horse Tardon. Laura is from France ,
she does Trick-Riding and Dressage in Cavalia

We cozy up and kicked of the interview with Laura by asking her what act she does in the show...

Next we got up close and personal with Fairland Ferguson.

The bubbly and beautiful red head, Fairland Ferguson

Fairland Ferguson with one of her horses, Henry. She has 3 horses - Criollo, Henry and Olé

Fairland just arrived into Singapore a few hours before the start of the Media Call to welcome the horses. She was full of life and didn't appear at all jet-lagged nor worn out from a long haul flight.

Fairland is one amazing lady! Why you may ask. 11 years ago she was fighting for her life after a cliff fall accident left her severely injured. But with her strong faith in God, determination and optimism of not taking 'no' for an answer she reclaimed her life back after numerous surgeries and alot of rehabilitation.

RxR Magazine: How did you find your calling in Cavalia?

Fairland: I joined Cavalia in 2009. I just graduated University and maybe wasn't really ready for a real job.  I was already doing similar work what I do at Cavalia at another show which is stationed in United States. I didn't get to travel alot whilst growing up. I had a friend working here, he said I should come for audition I'll love it and will get to travel. I did and got hired almost immediately and I have been here ever since.

RxR Magazine: Could you share with us how you trained yourself for the act "Roman Riding"?

Fairland: Its alot of thigh strings so I do have really big strong thighs. I actually do Jillian Michaels DVDs, she's a fitness celebrity in the United States and I started doing her DVDs probably about 4 years ago and its the best shape I ever been in my life cause we are actually on stage for about 5 to 7 minutes in my particular act. My horses and I need to exercise more during the day in order to stay in shape.

RxR Magazine: How long did you take to master the act "Roman Riding"?

Fairland: Everybody is different, every person is different, for me I practiced very diligently every single day, it took me 6 months to do my first show in life not in Cavalia. Every horse is different as well because it takes different training methods, sometimes the horses picks it up right away and sometimes it takes longer so every person and every horse is different. I would say in general a person and a horse would take about a year of alot of practice.

RxR Magazine: Tell us more about your horses. Which one is your favourite and why?

Fairland: I have Henry, Criollo and I have just got Olé. Olé is my new "Roman Riding" horse. Criollo is 16 years old, Henry is 15 years old and Olé is 11 years old. Well, as a parent you can't have a favourite but it would probably be Henry....sssshhh don't tell the other two they are next door to him. He's very obedient, he loves his job the other two do as well but Henry stands out from them because he loves what he does and never tries to be mischievous or misbehave. He's a very confident horse and we really work very well together. He has a tonne of energy which I love and he has red hair, blue eyes just like me so of course we are a match made in heaven!


To our absolute delight we were treated to a horse parade at the warm up tent where Fairland introduced us to some of the horses, artistes and equine specialists.

We are eagerly awaiting for Cavalia's Asian premiere on 12 August! Stay tune for our review on this magical theatrical performance!

You will be pleased to know Cavalia has brought in memorabilia for sale at the venue. To take a peak at what is available and to "pin down" on what to get click HERE. We love the lucky charm horse shoe earrings, the leather earrings and the horse earrings they are so beautiful and so hard to decide which one to get maybe we will end up buying all three up! 

Cavalia is presented in Singapore by Mediacorp Vizpro International and BASE Entertainment AsiaCavalia’s presenting sponsor is Fuji Xerox, supporting sponsor Standard Chartered Bank. The official partner is Marina Bay Sands and media partners include: Official TV station Channel 5; Supporting TV station Channel 8; Official radio station Class 95; Supported by MeClub and Official outdoor media is Moove Media

When: Premieres 12 August, 2014
Venue: Under the White Theatre Tent, at Bayfront Avenue
Ticket Price: From S$58* excludes booking fee of S$3 per ticket.
Bookings: Through Internet or by phone +65-31586735

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