Cavalia :: Equestrian Extravaganza

Last Tuesday was the gala premiere of Cavalia which was graced by many MediaCorp Celebrities and their family.

Wendy Shen Cavin Soh
Cavin Soh the comedian

Natasha Poon Cynthia Koh
Cynthia Koh, in her sexy black tube dress

Wendy Shen Dasmond Koh
The friendly and jovial Dasmond Koh

Natasha Poon Desmond Tan
The suave Desmond Tan

Natasha Poon Hong Huifang Zheng Ge Ping
Huifang Ah Jie with her lovely family

Natasha Poon Hong Huifang
Huifang is dressed for the occasion in her knee high boots

Natasha Poon Jade Seah
The pretty Jade Seah

Wendy Shen Koh Chieng Mun
Guess who? Koh Chieng Mun!!! She looks great doesn't she?

The cast of Mata Mata - Nadiah M Din & Daren Tan

Natasha Poon May Phua
May Phua

Natasha Poon Pan Ling Ling
Pan Ling Ling

Natasha Poon Jamie Yeo Aly
Jamie & her sweetheart Aly in matching outfits isn't that sweet

Natasha Poon Lim Peifen
The beautiful Peifen looks elegant in a white lace dress

Natasha Poon Priscelia Chan
The svelte Priscelia Chan

Boss Man ~ Suhaimi Yusof  and his lovely wife Siti Yuhana Sulaiman

The Cavalia Team made guest appearances at the red carpet welcoming the crowd.

Natasha Poon Normand Latourelle
Normand latourelle and the Cast of Cavalia

Alain Gauthier, Choreographer of Cavalia and the acrobatic cast

The charming and suave Eric Paquette, Public Relations Director of Cavalia

We headed to the Concession Tent to pick up our tickets before beginning the festivities at the Rendez-Vous Tent.

Concession Tent, ticket collection

Natasha Poon
Horsing around the Concession Tent

Natasha Poon
Galloping her way to Cavalia

The various souvenirs available for purchase

These plushies are so fluffy and totally huggable

To make the most of our night with Cavalia, before, during and after, we got ourselves the Rendez-Vous VIP Silver Package which is well worth it! The package includes center stage seating (great view of the entire stage so you won't miss a thing), access to the lounge area before the show for a buffet dinner and drinks, desserts and drinks during the 30 minutes intermission, an exclusive tour of the horse stables at the end of the show, thereafter back to the lounge for more drinks and a Cavalia Programme as souvenir from the Cavalia boutique.

The gate-keeper issuing you the VIP Tag

The food served at the buffet surpassed my expectations - scallops, Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice, Grass Fed Australian AAA beef tenderloin Kebabs in the hot food section and salad, Vietnamese Spring Rolls for the cold food section. The kids get popcorn too!

The Rendez-Vous Tent

Cold Food Section

Mixed fruits and chocolates for dessert during intermission

Night view of the Rendez-Vous Tent

Cavalia is an equestrian extravaganza infused with acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians and horsemanship. A highly choreographed production, melded with incredibly sophisticated digital multimedia backdrop projected onto a 60 metre-wide screen, live music and a living kaleidoscope of lighting marvel. The constantly changing digital background can bring you back in time to ancient Rome, to dessert and tropical jungle, through the different seasons of the years and on to a fantasy seamlessly giving you a 3 dimensional experience.

RxR Magazine
Cavalia packed a full house on opening night

The majestic and well trained horses is an absolute phenomenal. Galloping at full speed, at times running completely free, unfettered by bridles or halters to the intricate dressage-style formations to mind-blowing roman riding and out-west styles. The riders were admirable of course, they ride the horses right-side up, upside down, on the sides of their saddles, bareback, barefoot, doing flips and pommel-horse moves whilst the horses are galloping at full speed. Some even ride on two to six horses at once. The acrobats and aerialists were impressive as they bungee jump from the ceiling, loop and lope dramatically, form a human pyramid and somersaulted the length of the stage. Leaving the audiences with 'oohs' and 'ahhs'.

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Scene: Encounter - Keith Dupont

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Troubadour, a show stealer even though his on stage appearance is less then
15 seconds, he's the youngest horse, 13 years old stallion who thinks he's the giant 

RxR Magazine
Scene: Bungee Cavalier

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Scene: Freedom - Ramon Molina Gonzalez

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Scene: Freedom

Cavalia RxR Magazine

Cavalia RxR Magazine
The Cast of Cavalia

Cavalia RxR Magazine

Cavalia RxR Magazine

Wendy Shen Fairland Ferguson

My favourite moment of Cavalia: A Magical Ecnounter Between Man and Horse was the finale where the stage was filled with water. First the rider leads his horse in impressive moves, like cantering in place, before the stage lits up with more riders galloping on to the stage filling it up and a small herd of unharnessed horses come racing in, the splashing of water combine with the live music was simply breathtaking and somewhat magical.

The show ended to a standing ovation, holders of the VIP Rendez-Vous and the Horse Lover Packages stayed on for a Q&A session with one of the Riders, Laura Baubry while the horses freshen up with the help of their grooms in preparation of your visit. The kids in the audience took the chance bombarding Laura with their numerous questions. You are allowed to take photos in the stables but make sure you don't use your flash because you could spook or hurt the horse.

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Laura Baubry doing an on-stage Q&A

Seeing my daughter enjoying the stables tour with her megawatt smile - priceless

The Riders Fairland Ferguson & Michelle Wuthrich 

Troubadour the cutie

Cavalia RxR Magazine
even Desmond can't resist but to take a selfie with Troubadour

Cavalia RxR Magazine
Some of the cast are at the stables for an autograph session

The horses' secret to their beautiful manes...

We had a fabulous time, this is a must-see performance you can't say 'neigh' to! Don't wait too long to book your tickets, the last performance is 14 Sep 2014. Tickets can be bought online at or by phone +65-31586735. Standard Chartered Cardholders get 15% discount.

Cavalia fun facts:

- No mares, 34 male geldings which all have been neutralized
- 16 stallions
- The average age of the horses is 12 with the youngest at 6 and the oldest at 16.

Read about the arrival of the horses HERE, a glimpse behind the scenes HERE and to view the picturial HERE


  1. It was absolutely a magnificent show enjoyed every moment of it.

  2. Nice photos and videos! You have got me all excited I cant wait to catch the show next week!!