A Splash of Fashion, Colour & Elegance with the Special Edition Beoplay H6


Today B&O PLAY unveils Graphite Blush, Bronzed Hazel and Blue Stone – 3 exciting new special editions of BeoPlay H6 that are perfectly suited for style conscious urban dwellers.

Graphite Blush pairs a stormy greyish brown with an almost salmon-like red colour, while Bronzed Hazel combines a lush light brown colour with bronzed elegance and last but not least, Blue Stone gives you a cool and pale grey in unison with a glittering light blue.

The special editions are subtle and graceful, perfectly aligned with the B&O PLAY design excellence inherited from Bang & Olufsen, yet they still bring with them an edge that makes them particularly interesting for youthful, design affectionate professionals looking for that something special that stands out.

Blue Stone

Hazel Brown

Graphite Blush

With today’s introduction, B&O PLAY brings another fashionable dimension to a headphone that has been lauded far and beyond for its outstanding and honest sound reproduction as well as for its timeless aesthetics and choice of premium materials. To present the new fashionable colours, B&O PLAY has teamed up with Uffe Buchard, Creative Director of DANSK magazine, to product a series of fashion images.

Take a peak behind the scenes at the H6 Special Edition photo shoot - and see how the creative director, Uffe Buchard, styled three looks for the campaign at http://journal.beoplay.com/index.php/2014/08/behind-the-scenes-h6-special-edition-photo-shoot/

“Today’s headphones are just as much fashion accessories as they are products used for music listening and phone conversations,” says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, VP of B&O PLAY and continues “and with the special editions of BeoPlay H6 introduced today, we yet again emphasise the importance of both style AND substance, not either/or when it comes to strong design and high performance.”

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The BeoPlay H6 special editions will be priced at: SGD 650 / EUR 399 / USD 399 / DKK 2,999.

Available at Bang & Olufsen stores, the B&O PLAY online store (beoplay.com), and selected design and department stores from August 2014.



BeoPlay H6 boasts a premium sound, honest and clean in its appearance and designed to give you music the way the artists intended it – without any tweaks or over-emphasized bass. The headphones are wrapped in the finest cowhide leather and lambskin, both durable and exclusive materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use – and at the same time materials that age with beauty.

BeoPlay H6 features a daisy-chain functionality* that lets you share the music – and the ability to change the cord from the left to right ear pad depending on your preference. There’s an inline remote and microphone too that let you control your devices directly from the cord. The headphone weighs in at a modest 230g, which makes it an ideal travel companion – and lightens the load on your head when used for longer periods of time.

*Monster MusicLink feature is used under license from Monster, Inc


BeoPlay H6 was designed by the industrial designer Jakob Wagner, an ambitious Dane who puts an honour in making exciting, dynamic and vibrant designs – without ever compromising on quality and function.