7 best places ( I think) is great for taking photographs in Singapore

1. Botanical Gardens

I haven't tried this place before, but based on many local wedding photographers, this seems to be one of the most popular-- and cliched places to have your wedding photographs taken. It sure is a rather big, and beautiful place. There is also a restaurant "food for thought" which has quite a huge menu, and their food is very affordable. I love their cakes!

2. Esplanade Walk

Most likely occupied by tourists, you won't get to see many locals crowding along this pathway. That means you don't have to feel so self-conscious while taking photographs! You'll be able to capture Singapore's skyline, which would be especially beautiful in dawn or at dusk.

3. Fort Canning

Great place if you want some peace and quietness-- there aren't many people here if you decide to visit in the morning. Don't every try to come on weekend evenings though! They occasionally hold gigs or performances which tend to draw a humongous crowd during these seasons. Even though no one really comes here because of the inaccessibility, I think the distinctive charm of this park still remains.

4. Duxton Road

It's so chill here. There are tons of tiny cafes here which serve very brunches. Don't forget to visit "littered with books", it's just such a hipster bookstore. There are tons of tiny cafes here which serve very yummy brunches. Here, you get to take photos and eat to your fill. It's probably going to be a great combination.

5. Gardens By The Bay

Situated in the heart of Singapore, this garden is a versatile one. This architecture combines both modern and naturalistic elements perfectly. You don't have to specially make a trip during sunrise or sunset because this place looks great all the time. It's so vibrant and lively, you'll forget about the scorching heat in no time.

6. Orchard

I chose tudor court because modern architecture doesn't really appeal to me. It's a tiny area, but the contrast in the black and white shophouses make a great picture.

7. Infinity Pool

I haven't been here, but I will soon.