Woman On Top By Dr. Loretta Chen

11 July 2014, was a very memorable day - a dear friend of ours, Dr. Loretta Chen finally launched her book, Woman On Top. And what better way to launch it then on top of the world at the new revamp Altimate At One Altitude.

She's a lady with multiple talents - Arts Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Professor, Corporate Trainer, Media Consultant, Radio Host @ Lush 99.5 (the Art of Lush) and now she adds "Author" to her portfolio. Her list of achievements goes on, and she even has a Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loretta_Chen) amazing right!

Wendy Shen

To us she is funny, candid and bubbly person who is full of life, she never fails to make us laugh or blush whenever we meet.

She bares it all in a daring autobiography Woman On Top. Sharing her deepest darkest secrets, her ups and downs in life, and growing up with a famous sibling (MediaCorp actor Edmund Chen).

The loving siblings

Wendy Shen

We asked her what motivated her to write this book and she said:
I wrote this book for my 24 year old self who was so broken I had no place to go to and no book to read .

14 years later , I can say with certainty that life happens and while it certainly can be tough , it does get better . And we get by with a little help from our friends and mentors like you Dr Seet.

This book is for anyone who has loved , lost , laughed , wept , danced , took a few chances and missed a few trains .

But through it all , we will dance with the penguins, play with the swans and take flight to be that woman and man on top we know we are... Dr. Loretta Chen

Here's a video snippet taken during the book launch apologies for the poor quality (it was taken via my Samsung S4 mobile)

Wendy Shen
We met another amazing lady at the launch, Ms Elim Chew of 77th Street

Her book was so intriguing that once we started reading we couldn't stop till we reach the end. Its jammed pack with life experiences, inspiration and encourages you to pursue you goals and dreams. Never give up focus on what you want!

We highly recommend you to grab a copy of the book to read it for yourself and experience what we felt while reading it!

Woman On Top  was co-written by Pearlin Siow and available at all major bookstores.

P.S. As we publish this article the book is on the No. 1 spot of weekly best seller at Book Kinokuniya!

Well done Loretta! Our heartfelt congratulations! We are now waiting for your next book ;)