Cafe Crema & Verandah

Gardens By The Bay has gotta be one of my favourite gardens in Singapore. It's big and beautiful, there's nothing not to love about it. I think I actually visit gardens much more than an average Singaporean would because I think there is always a need to take a break from being in those huge, air-conditioned, polished malls. There was so much to see and admire!

Besides adoring the extremely pretty ponds, fishes and trees, we had food of course. In particular, pasta! It was really a pasta-kind-of-day. If you're in the mood for something relaxing, laid back, quiet and peaceful, I think Gardens By The Bay is truly the only place you should be. (I don't know about the weekends though!)

Now, please, if you're feeling a little grumpy or depressed about your work, do yourself a little favour -- go for a meal at either Cafe Crema or Verandah. I prefer Verandah though! I swear what you see, hear, smell, taste or feel would be able to smile so much you would feel as carefree as... the pig-nosed turtle.

We tried this pasta but I forgotten what was the name of it! It tasted rather healthy because the pasta wasn't heavily seasoned, and there was a generous amount of sauteed mushroom and bacon that made it such an awesome meal. The almond latte was nicely done, not too sweet, but I would prefer more sugar to be added! (Not a huge fan of coffee)

We had our second meal at the Verandah, where the decor was so beautiful but I totally forgotten to take photos of it! Gives you a better reason to visit there then. They had a wider selection of pastas, food generally, and there was a 1 for 1 beer that I was obliged to purchase.

The Tom Yam Linguine was great, the clams were sweet and prawns huge enough to satisfy me. It's really not your regular pasta! Anyway, even though I ordered the beer, I didn't finish it :( Still getting used to the smell and taste of it! And I can't really handle alcohol... that well.

Holding my first mug of beer like it's my baby. (Signifies an important milestone in my life. Totally not???)

Guess this marks the end of my day! I think those small dosages of Vit D did some good to my skin though (even though the UV rays did quite a lot of damage). If you're thinking of heading to GBTB, arm yourself with a huge waterbottle, comfy stylish shoes and lather on a thick layer of sunscreen!

For those who think that GBTB is a little too adventurous for you, there's still The Shoppes about 800m away ;)

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