Zooming Around Marina Bay Segway Style

Last Saturday we signed up for the Highlights of Marina Bay Segway Tour part of the Marina Bay Segway Tours.

Wendy Shen
Travel light & wear comfy shoes

Upon arrival we had to sign an indemnity form and go through a safety video guide on riding a Segway Personal Transport (PT) - which in my opinion looks intimidating. Thereafter, our group of 6 Segway novices were given training on how to ride/operate/use the Segway, after much practice the Segway becomes an extension to your body and it really does feel natural.

Wendy Shen
Safety First ~ Am all geared up

Wendy Shen
Before the practice rounds  I was scared, nervous & STRESSED OUT

Ana was our guide for the day, her commentary was informative without getting too in depth. Not to mention she was also hilarious and entertaining! Joining our tour were also 2 safety marshals - one stationed beside us and the other behind us - alerting us to bumps, potential hazards and also to assist or come to our rescue should we be unable to control the Segway. With the help of a great guide, we learned new things about the Marina Bay we never knew about. Our tour starts off from Marina Bay City Gallery, bringing us to The Promontory, Marina Bay Sands before ending at the Helix Bridge/Art Science Museum. Our guide and the safety marshals were very helpful and ever ready to assist us in taking photos.

Wendy Shen
Mastered it like a pro...

Wendy Shen
See no hands

As we were gliding round, we definitely raised a few eyebrows in our cool PT. We became a tourist attraction instead of just a tourist! By the end of the tour it was unanimous we all wanted MORE!

Whether you have ever ridden on a Segway or not, this is a great way to experience the machine in a delightful setting with an experience guide to discover Marina Bay!

Do take note there is a age restriction - only kids above 15 years old are allowed else they would be too light and thus have problems maneuvering the Segway. 

Marina Bay Segway Tours have two tours available Highlights of Marina Bay and The Signature Marina Bay for more information and pricing check out their website http://www.marina-bay.sg/segwaytours.html or you can download their brochure here.