Review: DRx Essential Facial Treatment!

Hi everyone! This is Sheryl and just in case this name is unfamiliar to you, well it should be as it is my first post on RxR! The reason why i'm making a debut post on RxR is that i cannot wait to share with you about this treatment that is so highly raved about; DRx Essential Facial Treatment!

About a month back or so (yes this post is long overdue and i apologize for that), i was delighted to be informed that thanks to RxR and The DRx Medispa, i was given this opportunity to try out their Essential Facial Treatment! Oh boy, no words could describe how lucky i felt when i heard the news as i first got to know about DRx through word of mouth and know for the fact that their treatments are of top quality and are highly sought after!

My appointment was on a Wednesday afternoon which proved to be a really good timing as i personally prefer less crowd as compared to the clinic being really busy.

I was greeted by such a relaxing and calming environment, i immediately felt like home! 

A corner where The DRx Medispa showcases their range of products and treatments that they offer which is always great to know!

After filling up my personal particulars, i was assigned a therapist who kindly explained the procedures of this treatment, the products that were going to be used as well as the things to note after the session which in my books, was a pretty thoughtful effort on their part!

For me, there were 2 main parts of my session:

(a) Ultrasonic Cleansing
Eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and loosen impurities, oil and comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) that are embedded in pores.

(b) PG Vitamin C
Stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis for firmer, smoother and younger looking skin.

After fully knowing and understanding what i was in for, i was all hyped up for the session! I was subsequently led to a cozy room to begin my session!

A few of DRx's products that were applied on my face towards the end of my session!

My lovely therapist just after the session!

 (Sorry for the lack of photos as i was too busy enjoying myself hehe)

I don't know about most of you but for me, when i go to facials, i place great importance on the overall ambiance and The DRx Medispa hit it out of the park in all aspect and in all honesty i hope this post did them justice!

Of course you would only fully understand if you've been there yourself (hint, hint).

And here's me!

Before i end off my post, i would like to thank RxR and The DRx Medispa once again for having me and giving me the opportunity to experience one of their signature facial treatments! 
Can't wait to be on a journey to a better, healthier looking skin? 
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Tong Building
302 Orchard Road
Singapore 238862
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Till next time xx