Le Noir :: The Intimate Side of Cirque

Did you know "Le Noir" means "dark/black"? Inspired by that theme, I wanted to revisit the concept of the little black dress. Many fashion historians link the concept of a little black dress to the 1920s from Coco Chanel designs. A simple short dress that is meant to be long-lasting and versatile. At Chic Mode SG the little black dress comes with a dash of summer florals and a flare silhouette skirt finishing which gives a youthful and feminine aura while the dark hues pay tribute to the timeless nature of our little black dress. Matching this outfit with pink heels and bag.

As pretty as a picture book dress, Natasha wore a duo-toned beautiful sweetheart shaped dipped bodice with cream lace overlay, angled chiffon on its mid-length skirt.

Last Saturday, was the premiere of  Le Noir :: The Intimate Side of Cirque.

Having a girlie photo with Jean before the show starts

Roz looks stunning in this white and black dress

Circuses have always been a fascination for us, and the billed "risqué, seductive and hilariously naughty" exploration of circus acts performed in lace teddies pique my interest. We entered the captivating world of Le Noir, which is know to be packed with gravity-defying panache and a show-stopping athleticism and grace, the wow factors soars as high as it can be. The international-renowned troupe, which includes aerial fliers, dancers, contortionists, strongmen and more, all of whom are award winning athletes and many former stars of Cirque du Soleil. The show is billed as a kind of sexier version of Cirque du Soliel. We think being an independent performance gave them the freedom to do some racier acts.

We were surprised they allowed photography at the show. They only had two rules. Don't use a flash and no video recording.

The production deserves all the credit it can get for the attention paid to the beautiful and intricate costume designs. They allow each performer to have a unique style while harmonizing the overall theme. Care was also taken in the planning of how the performers should enter and leave the stage, and the choreography on and off the circular stage does indeed draws the audience closer to the mystique of circus. An extraordinary visual feast using metaphors of white, red and black to describe the diverse range of our personalities.

The opening number has performers strutting out in virginal white, sexy angel wear. Feathers, lace and high heels just like a Victoria Secret's runway show!

With undeniable grace and charisma, Thomas Worrell performs an enigmatic routine of strength and extreme flexibility on aerial hoop, contortion that will leave you lost for words.

The roller skating act performed by the couple on a 1.5m-diameter 'stage' just inches away from the audience was precarious and impossible in ways that defy the imagination. They spin at break-neck speed, so fast that the lady seems to 'fly' due to the momentum.

The uniqueness of the performance is how the Clownish Ringmaster, Salvador Salangsang Jr., engages with the audience to ease the transition between the different acrobatic acts without speaking a word of English, using only hand gestures and grunts to get his comedy across which he succeeds very well indeed. The audience got so tickled everytime someone from the floor gets called up to stage. Be prepared for a load of laughter and surprises in between!

Yes, you saw right Jean Danker got picked as
the Clownish Ringmaster picnic date

The level of excitement magnifies as Rolla Bolla specialist Gediminas "Geddy" Pavlovicius takes on the stage with the concept of teetering on a basic balance board - a board balanced on a cylinder - to amazing heights. He puts another object under the first two and than another and then another until he is performing atop seven unstable levels of moving cylinders and teetering platforms.*gasp*

Most jaw dropping of all is The Wheel of Death - two large wheels covering the full width of the stage spins around a pivot, as two acrobats - Angelo Rodriguez and Carlos Macias manipulate gravity to perform seeming impossible moves. Like demonic hamster running inside their wheels, the sight of the acrobats leaping into and out of the giant apparatus, skipping, leaping and falling through the air whilst the wheels revolve at breakneck speed, literally - not a harness in sight gives a rush of adrenaline. This act literally had us on the edge of our seats, as there were a few near-misses as the Wheel spun faster and Carlos upped the ante by running the Wheel with a blindfold. (I heard grown men screech!)

The energetic and vibrant cast illicit a thunderous standing ovation from the audience. Truly an amazing and marvelous performance you wouldn't want to miss.

Natasha couldn't stop gushing about it.

Here's a tip for you: when you go watch the performance, you should sit as near to the stage as your wallet allows. Although you might sometimes get a slightly obstructed view (VIP ticket holders are sitting on the floor level), you will get to feel the intensity of the performances and to me that is as important as watching the circus acts.

And if you happen to have coulrophobia, you will be relieved to know that Salvador Salangsang Jr. does not wear traditional clown make-up.

You can read about our Media Calling on Le Noir here.

Le Noir is presented by Base Entertainment Asia, currently performing at Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands until 29 June and you definitely won't want to miss it. For ticketing details please click HERE.