In Pursuit of Beauty :: Viora Contouring Facial Therapy

Last week I spoke about my pursuit of beauty (read the post HERE) this week I shall share with you about my experience of the treatment “Viora Contouring Facial Therapy” for my double chin.

I was definitely excited and nervous at the same time for I had no idea what to expect from this procedure. The entire treatment lasted between 45-60 minutes and was broken up into separate treatments – Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening.

My therapist, Winnie, explained the process:

First stage – Fat Reduction

Phase 1 Pre-heating: Oil is applied onto my neck, chin and jaw area before the pre-heating process begins to stimulate skin through heat to ‘wake it up’

Phase 2 Adipose: Deep Tissue Heating is to target the subcutaneous tissue, through radio frequency ‘heat’ impedance and vacuum technology

Phase 3 Fibroblast Stimulation: Fibroblasts are the major cells in the dermis which produces collagen and elastin fibers. By stimulating these cells, they are strengthened and thickened to provide superior support

Phase 4 Tightening: A vacuuming massage therapy like procedure which stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate waste tissue from the area, improve blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

Second stage – Skin Tightening

Using three different radio frequency channels, Viora stimulates collagen and elastin production, the slowing down of which is what causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Gel was applied to my neck, chin and cheeks before gently resting the device onto my skin. The applicator looks like a laser thing, and its tiny zaps of current, at the contact point, felt like as I imagine a staple gun feels – BUT of course with far less pain!

If you want to have a more detailed description of how “Viora Contouring Facial Therapy” you can check out this link.

Immediately after treating one side of my face Winnie held up a mirror to show me what is called ‘the Cinderella effect’. The treated side was noticeably more lifted. 

Throughout both stage of treatments Winnie, will constantly check with me how I’m feeling and if the heat was bearable, if not she will modify it to my comfort level.

That's my Therapist, Winnie - her skin is porcelain smooth

I’m AMAZED that with just one treatment we can see such a vast difference!

A series of 8 treatments done weekly is the recommended protocol for best results I have since done 3 and am elated to see my jaw line more defined and my chin is definitely sharper then before!

A more defined jaw line

A sharper chin

Had I needed to, I could have put on makeup straightaway! There is no side effects or downtime, however you may have minimal redness right after a Viora Reaction skin tightening treatment which usually resolves in an hour.

A word of caution, as with any treatment, be realistic. The response to any treatment varies from person to person. If you are really concerned about sagging skin this treatment definitely might be something you do be interested in. Do your own research to see if its right for you and of course you can always consult Mint Medical Aesthetics by email or phone at +65-6272-9372 or +65-8726-3383 (whatsapp is also available) to talk about your needs and recommend a personal plan, since everyone is different.

Stay tuned for my next post on Bespoke Laser Therapy.

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