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Last week I shared with you my treatment experience "Viora Contouring Facial Therapy" (read about it HERE) today I'm going to share with you the "Bespoke Laser Therapy" treatment I underwent.

My Bespoke Laser Therapy consists of two parts - Skin Rejuvenation and Treatment of Hori Nevus. This treatment is done on a monthly basis and each treatment session takes about 15-30 minutes. I took Dr Lim's advise to do only the Laser Skin Rejuvenation on my first treatment and on my subsequent visit to do both Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Treatment of Hori Nevus. Why? Because if I were to do both treatments on the same day I will end up focusing on the horis nevus not having significant result rather then seeing and appreciating the results from the laser skin rejuvenation.

Feeling like a bag of nerves


Laser facial rejuvenation involves the use of an intense beam of (laser) light to deliver (light and heat) energy to the skin. The laser is used to treat the whole face and is also directed on problem areas, i.e. wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes or mouth. The laser used is a non-ablative ND Yag laser. It doesn't damage the epidermis, instead it targets the collagen cells to stimulate collagen growth (formation), helps to improve uneven skin tone, refines facial pores, helps in facial oil control.

Before beginning the process, Winnie cleansed my face and covered my eyes with a pair of special goggles that prevents the laser from damaging my eyes. Thereafter, Dr Lim took over to administer the laser treatment and I was a bag of nerves (well after all I am getting 'lasered'). The treatment is as far as I can tell, practically painless I felt a slight stinging or tingling sensation and once I knew what to expect - little blasts of very manageable heat at the contact point on my face - the treatment was already completed. A whitening mask infused with intense vitamin C ester was then placed onto my face to cool it down and brighten my complexion. Immediately after the first treatment, I noticed a more balanced complexion and feel my skin becoming smoother and supple.

Wendy Shen

I have since underwent 2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation, my skin has definitely become smoother, brighter, less break-outs and also less oily skin as the pores become smaller.

Wendy Shen
Brighter smoother skin, no make-up required and I still look good

The Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment has no down time you can have a laser facial at lunch, put makeup on immediately after, and continue on with your day. Life goes on; plus, there is no need for special facinal creams or ointments.


Hori Nevus is also know as acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules(ABNOM), or acquired dermal melanocytosis (ADM). This pigmented disorder occurs as dark spots  usually found in Asians like Chinese, Japanese and Koreans and appears later in life. Although they may look like freckles occurring on the cheeks, nose and forehead, they are not as freckles occurs early in life and tends to fade with age.  Hori Nevus usually requires many sessions of laser before significant improvement is seen.

Moving on, during my second visit I did both treatments. The treatment of hori nevus was at first scary as you can hear what sounds like rubber band snapping on your face quite loudly when the laser zaps on the spots - breaking down the dermal or deep pigments. It wasn't painful, more like a little stinging sensation with heat over the treated areas. After the treatment, there was some redness on the treated area and some mild crusting but no swelling nor irritation at all. Dr Lim assured me that it would dissipate within a few days. Aftercare is minimalist, I was given an antibiotic ointment and a gel to apply twice daily, stay out of the sun before and after treatment, no scrubs, and of course apply moisturizer and sunblock. 

Wendy Shen
See the difference

A week after my treatment I noticed my hori nevus has become lighter! I'm so happy I can't wait for my following treatments and soon I can bid them adios! To me this is money well spent!

If your plagued with pigmentation problems such as freckles, sun spots, hori nevus and melasma that doesn't mean you have to allow them to stay there. Laser treatments can address these bad boys, although this type of facial may not feel as relaxing as the typical spa facial complete with facial massage and soothing creams. The payoff is that a laser has the potential to deliver real results. Depending on your skin care needs, Mint Medical Aesthetics will select the right laser for your skin. Non-ablative lasers work to address skin imperfections without causing alot of damage to the skin's surface.

To find out more headover to Mint Medical Aesthetics website Alternatively you can consult them via email or phone at +65-6272-9372 or +65-8726-3383 (whatsapp is also available) to talk about your needs and recommend a personal plan, since everyone is different.

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