Comedy Central Invites to A Million Ways to Die in the West

This week seems like movie week we were invited by Comedy Central to the premiere of "A Million Ways to Die in the West" last Wednesday.

But before we start, I just wanted to share my outfit with you. This shorts suit makes dressing in our hot and humid weather so much fun! Pairing the shorts with a grey toga top, coupling the top with a black cardigan and a pair of cut out wedges. This ensemble creates a chic look don't you think?

Wendy Shen

What is the move about? 

There are the inevitable jokes about baked beans and breaking wind as well as plenty of smutty humour about goings on in the local whore house. Between the slapstick, pointless celebrity cameos, in jokes and steady stream of feeble puns, the violence is surprisingly graphic.

MacFarlane himself plays a hapless sheep farmer terrified of blood. He is a latter-day equivalent to the greenhorn that James Stewart played in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. When one girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) abandons him, a replacement (Charlize Theron in gun toting, Calamity Jane mode) takes him in hand. Inevitably, her sadistic boyfriend, the notorious outlaw Clnch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson) is jealous of the relationship.

The plot doesn’t make sense but through sheer force of attrition, some of the gags, especially those involving MacFarlane’s flock of sheep, do raise a chuckle.

Sarah Silverman is also good value as a hard-working Christian prostitute who turns tricks for a steady stream of grizzled cowboys but refuses to have sex before marriage with her devoted and priggish fiancé, Edward (Giovanni Ribisi).

Watch out for cameo appearances of Ryan Reynolds, Jamie Foxx and Christopher Llyod as Dr. Brown from Back to the Future.

Humor is, of course deeply personal, some people will enjoy this more, but few would disagree that McFarlane is capable of so much more.