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Hi everyone!!!

So sorry for the hiatus. I've been really busy lately but at least I'm finally back! Anyway, as you can tell, I changed my hair! I was so happy when sent me to artica hair studio for a hairstyle change. I have been wanting to do another digital perm cause my curls were getting all limp and dead (as seen from previous pictures).

I must admit that I'm not a fan of coloured hair, because I think that our natural hair colour compliments our skin tone best. Unless you're xiaxue, because I have to admit that she looks ten times more amazing in pink/blonde as compared to black. In the end.... I decided to change the colour of my hair as well. I was so afraid of so many things.

Alright, some pictures of the salon. I love how it's located at town! As long as a shop is located in town, I'll most probably love it already because shopping is so convenient.

At the salon, I was already going crazy when deciding which hair colour to choose. Just take a look at a few shades of the hair colour they do. This was the only point in my life that I wished I were more adventurous to go blonde or pink. 

Anyway, Belle my hairstylist was telling me to go for an ash brown but I was afraid it would come out too light, and I'm quite a noob when it comes to hair colour. I decided to do a orangy-brown because it's the safest right?

So, the whole process took me 5 long hours. But fret not! Juno and Belle were so nice people, they kept asking me if I needed water or food or the toilet.

Belle did some trimming and layering first, which I was a little afraid because my hair was getting so thin and flat from the previous digital perm. But she told me not to worry, and the layering would only help the permed hair to get in shape. And omgosh, she was so right. She was so gentle with my hair the whole time, and while she was setting my hair into the rollers, I could already tell that the curls would turn our amazing! She had so much skill. Plus she is super easy to talk to!

After the perm it was time to colour my hair! I was thinking about SO MANY THINGS. I was worried about weather my hair would come our dry and fragile, and weather my scalp would hurt, etc etc. Well my scalp was actually hurting a lot when the dye was on my scalp, that's because I washed my hair before going to the salon. It's advised that you don't wash your hair for at least 24 hours before you dye it! Cause you'll be washing away the protective layer of oil as well.

After the hair colour was done, I was pretty happy with it! At first I thought I would look weird but I think Belle did a really good job. Yay me.




Thank you so much, Belle!

Artica Hair Studio

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-64, Singapore 228213

6836 2891

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