Whose Ex is Next?

WARNING: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid. May contains spoilers.

Have you been following closely the reality TV series Ex on the Beach? We have and boy were we elated when MTV Asia sent us a mystery bag containing....YES you guess right! A DVD screener containing not one BUT two upcoming episodes of  Ex on the Beach, a MTV Towel, a kinky suncreen and of course nothing is complete without a snack kit (MTV Asia you spoil us always) for couching purposes.

We definitely had loads of fun, and girls being girls whilst watching we bitched about the cast. Liam is what we do call "a shit stirrer' aka Troublemaker whom we feel like giving a whack to.

Liam, Photo Credit: MTV Asia

Sometimes we feel like we want to 'shake' those girls real hard to wake them up too! Hello?! Are you that naive?! The plot has thicken as the end draws near and as if that's not enough things get upped one notch with the arrival of.....Vicky's ex, Ricci, tensions builds up, a few awkward moments - the calm before the storm (a brawl ensued and someone gets the boot). We admire Chloe for her guts to stand up against the rest to speak up for Ricci, kept him company and not let him feel alienated. Yes, they called her names, but she don't give a hoot!

Ricci, Photo Credit: MTV Asia

Ladies, I know you much prefer the picture below of Ricci ;)

With a body like this no wonder the girls don't like Chloe!

Chloe, Photo Credit: MTV Asia

Vicky, Photo Credit: MTV Asia

All in all be prepared for some unexpected turn of events, sometimes things aren't what they seem. There is more than meets the eye!

Don't forget to catch the remaining two episodes airing on 3 and 10 Jun respectively you won't want to miss it!

Ex on the Beach airs Wednesdays at 11pm on MTV (SingTel mio TV Ch 350 and Starhub TV Ch 533).

Now, this got us thinking if there was an Asian version of Ex on the Beach how would it fair? Will it be as feisty as this or will us Asians be more reserved?