The Yummy Lobsters Recipe! ^_^

Hey guys! I love eating lobsters, so this post is going to be about LOBSTERS.

As we all know, lobsters represent the dragons of the sea, and the red colour of the lobster also symbolises happiness, and boy, it's believed to bring tons and tons of good fortune for the family!

But that's not why I eat it, I eat it because it is super yummy!
I almost ate my napkins too!

SO here's my lobster recipe:

1. Take a big pot and fill it with enough salted water and with clarified butter to cover all the mini-lobsters. Cover the pot, and boil the water. Put as many mini-lobsters as you can into the pot, reduce heat to let the water simmer, and start timing.

2. Cook the mini lobsters until it looks bright red, and this process takes about 15minutes. Remove the lobsters from the pot.

3. Put all the mini lobsters into a pretty bowl!

4. THe next question is-- what do you eat the mini lobsters with? Well, I like my mini lobester with soya sauce, lemon mustard or even butter. I strongly recommend you have a toaster on hand too, because lobsters on freshly toasted bread...or those nice Cold Storage Finest Breads are just mad love.

Lobsters with potato salad is also mad love!!! Have some lemons on hand too in case you want to flavour your lobsters with them!

Here's one more pic of how mini-lobsters make tables atas:

cny dinner.jpg


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  1. OMG this looks like right out of the page of the Ikea catalog!!! yumssss!