Taptastic Tap Dogs!

Playing with the concept of peach ombre, I paired shades of orange from the top down starting with a orange peach scarf top ( see previous post on styling with scarfs here), transitioning to peach pink pants, finishing the look with a black blazer with crystal embellishments from Chic Mode and a pair of cutout black/gold sandals.

We managed to catch the cast of Tap Dogs last Tuesday for a short interview before their performance.

RxR Magainze: Lyndsay & Noriko how does it feels to be the only 2 females in a male dominiated show?
Lyndsay: Its great fun playing in the band and we have a great view of the boys on the stage from our towers. And its nice to rock out and show that girls can rock out!

RxR Magazine: Which is the hardest scene?
James: The whole show is hard there isn't an easy part really, there are scenes we don't stop so its constantly going and building the set as we go along so the whole show is hard I wouldn't say that there is one section that is particular harder then the other.

RxR Magazine: How long does a pair of shoes last?
Douglas: I had my shoes for 10 years, its the metal  tabs which we need to keep changing they can last for 10 mins, 10 days or 10 weeks it depends, generally because we kick metal, stamp hard thus they can just crack into pieces that's when we have to change or occasionally you have to just put the leather soles back on so you can use.

RxR Magazine: When you are standing in a queue will you have the habit of tapping while waiting?
The Cast: All laughing and unanimously saying, "YES"! And sometimes even in our sleep too!

From left: Douglas Mills, Nathaniel Hancock, Richard Miller, Chaise Rossiello,
James Doubtfire, Noriko Terada, Lyndsay Evans & Sheldon Perry

The Tap Dogs are fast paced, loud and frenetic - six guys in work boots and denim, tap dancing on steel, wood and even water, set on a construction site. The adrenalin pumped cast injects raw power and passion to present the ultimate visual dance spectacular, as they jumped through scaffolding to the beat of their own drum. Whether its upside down or even on water the Tap Dogs brings the entire space ALIVE with their awe-inspiring mix of dance, music and performance!

The energy from the six dancers is so contagious we had to restrain ourselves from jump up from our seats to join them and stomp!

The two scenes which really stood out in our mind are the one in which they are dancing on a drum machine and the water dance.

Imagine all six men tap dancing on a wooden square, which when hit with the shoe producrtes a percussion sound - be it a cymbal or the drum. Now picture six guys - each dancing on a board and individually creating a different sound, thus producing music as they dance. A simple yet ingenious idea.

Another magical moment is when the Tap Dogs drenched themselves in water and start dancing in their wellies, not dissimilar to Singing in the Rain. You do never think that you could tap dance in wellies, but after watching them splash around in perfect rhythm, all you want to do is get your own wellies on and go jump in some puddles!

The real beauty of Tap Dogs is that above all it's spontaneous. There is alot of humour injected into the show and when its obvious the dancers are enjoying themselves, the enthusiasm is infectious. Each dancer had his own moment to shine (sometimes several), and you get a real feeling of personality and camaraderie. While this may well have been acting, we choose to believe it wasn't - given the small space the dancers often moved in, and that during one number, one dancer's life was literally dependent on the others not dropping him, there would have had to be a great deal of trust involved.

The final point I have to make about the show is that it went for 80 minutes non-stop! Thats ALOT of dancing, and while there were some numbers which only involved a few of the dances at a time, meaning the others got a breather, the overall physicality and endurance of the performance definitely deserve a great deal of admiration! Thus the audience leaped to their feet for multiple standing ovations on opening night of Tap Dogs.

Tap Dogs is presented by Base Entertainment Asia, currently performing at Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands for a strictly limited period until 01 Jun - don't miss it! For ticketing details please click HERE.

Thank you Base Entertainment Asia  for the invites!

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