Natasha Says :: Hello Kitty Bubbly World

Are you a Hello Kitty Fan? My daughter is and she was over the moon to receive her latest collection "Hello Kitty Bubbly World" over the weekend!

Being a mother I was so happy when McDonald rolled out the online ordering component for the "Hello Kitty Bubbly World" that means I don't have to get up early to queue, get that coveted plush toy for my gal and eat a meal bad for my waistline!

I spent half an hour just trying to place an order! Why so long you might ask? Well, McDonald underestimate the power of Hello Kitty, the site crashed due to the overwhelming orders happening concurrently I had to keep refreshing the page and when I finally got to the payment mode it hanged and I wasn't event sure if my order went through I had to call the bank to check and prayed hard I would receive a confirmation email by the end of the day (thankfully I did)! Frustrating yes but due credit should still be given to McDonald for coming up with the option of ordering online.

It definitely cost more ordering the Collector's Set online but seeing that megawatt smile on my gal's face that is priceless and worth the damage on the pocket!

** No its not for sale!