Miosolo Challenge 5

A very Good Morning Dear Readers :) As promised here I am back with the Miosolo Challenge 5 and unfortunately this will be the last challenge! I'm going to miss it :( since I enjoyed writing down my thoughts and experiences about the Miosolo nappies in my blog.

Well, today's challenge is "The Washing and Drying Challenge" 

Washing the Miosolo nappy is quite an easy task. And it dries well and looks as good as new.
Baby is awake and it's time for his nappy change.

I've put on his new Miosolo nappy and he is off to play!

While the baby is busy playing, I quickly go into the laundry room the wash his soiled nappy. I first soak the nappy and booster in plain water to remove any urine before I put it in the washing machine.

The fold back laundry tabs are really useful. Now that I've got the urine off the nappy I head off to put the nappy and miobooster in the washing machine. I use normal laundry soap (Breeze Liquid) that I use to wash my other clothes.

Once it's washed I put them to dry out in the sun, just like I put out my other clothes. If the sun is nice and hot it dries in a couple of hours or else it takes 3 - 4 hours of drying. So I mostly wash and dry the nappy in the afternoon time when the sun is really hot outside.

Once dried, I bring them in.
Here are the washed nappies all dry and as good as new. They smell fresh too :)

The Mioboost dries quicker than the nappy!

Here we go all done and all it's takes is a very little of your time and best of all it saves money. Now I no longer need to buy extra diapers when I have my new friend The Miosolo Nappy which is far more reliable and looks after my budget as well. All it takes is simple washing and drying!

My baby now sleeps longer and is rash free. Once again I would like to say I am more than glad I took up this challenge since I got to try the Miosolo for free!

I would also like to thank the team of Bloom and Grow for giving me a chance to try out their super amazing product. 

For more information about Miosolo, please visit the following websites.
Well that's a wrap for now! Thank you all for reading my blog.