Interview with Carol!

This is Part 1 of our 6-parts interview with our favorite Singaporean bloggers. The topic was on the working relationship between bloggers and sponsors in the context of Singapore, and surveying how things could be improved upon.

Interview with Carol Lim!

Profile: Carol, owner of, is the beauty blogger to go to for reliable reviews on new beauty products in town. She is also an extremely humble lady who always strives for continuous improvement in her blogging activities. She is currently also venturing into lifestyle blogging, so stay tuned to exciting updates on her blog! 

Hi Carol! Thank you for your time with us today! Would you classify yourself as a “full-time” or a “part-time” blogger?

Carol: I am a part-time blogger.

How do you think bloggers are perceived by companies in Singapore?
Companies in Singapore cannot deny the power of bloggers in the social media space but sometimes they do not know how to  engage bloggers for a suitable campaign. Some of them tend to think that bloggers are beggars who only want sponsored and free stuff.

But, the truth is that we have put in a lot of hard work doing the posts as we believe that the sponsored products will appeal to our readers as well. Basically, as bloggers, we are sharing our personal experiences in using certain products-- just like how friends will recommend good products and services to each other.

Can you share with us a personal example of a positive working relationship with a sponsor?
My first positive experience is with 2B Alternative. They are my first sponsors and if they come by singapore, we will try to meet up and have a good chat. They are quite warm and friendly. They do not exert pressure to ask you to blog about their products.If you like it, then you will blog about it. And, I do appreciate the fact that they have put my photo on 2B advertisements in I-weekly and U-magazine.

How about a personal example of a not-so-positive working relationship with a sponsor? (No company name needs to be mentioned. :P)
It is the case when even though a product presentation is given on the newest or star products, we are only given an small token or a few sachet sample for attending the event.
It is hard to blog in this way if we want to share our experience about using this sponsored products. Should we talk about the token or the sample, bearing in mind that it will only last us for the 2nd or 3rd trial?

And please do not rush us to blog before a certain tight dateline.

The blogging scene in Singapore is a relatively new one, compared to that of UK, America and even Finland. As a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a consistently positive relationship with PR companies, do you have any tips for bloggers or companies when it comes to cultivating a happy working relationship?

Companies should appreciate bloggers for their hard work. And they should not rush bloggers for dateline. They should spend more time in establishing a good relationship with bloggers. They should realize that bloggers engagement is not a free marketing platform. As for bloggers wise, we should acknowledge the PR companies when they send us email.

And, we should share our personal experience instead of copying other people's article. PR Companies send us products, so that we can review and share our personal experience in our blog post. Its not a channel for bloggers to receive sponsored products and copy other bloggers' work.