World Gourmet Summit 2014

I was so terribly excited when I received the invite for WGS 2014! Brought Shawn there too, who was the photographer for the day. I get to dress up, meet amazing chefs, and taste good food! No better way to spend my Saturday :) Dressing up + Divine food, what could be better?

Disclaimer: Despite how happy, ignorant and glutton-y I sound in this post when I'm writing about having a such good time eating such scrumptious food, believe me when I say that I'm thinking about the starving children living in every corner of this world as I type each word in this post :/

It was at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which was such a beautiful venue, and there were a mix of people coming from all around the world. We attended the Awards of Excellence first, which was a rather inspiring sight for me. It's a really good thing when you know that people from different industries are being recognised and appreciated for the work they do! We all know that the food industry is SO important to us.

The emcee was awesome, and it was nice to hear the chefs sharing about their experience and journey. I remember one who said he started out as a dishwasher! Well, all of us have to start somewhere right. Some photos of the finalists:

After the Awards of Excellence, we proceeded for the food tasting. (!!!) The food was absolutely delicious, and there was a great spread, really! I was like, in a state of awe each time I put a piece of food in my mouth. I swear each piece of food was prepared so carefully and lovingly you could tell it when you've tasted it. Either that, or the Chef is just so damn skilled.

I swear this was the BEST BEEF I've ever tasted (even better than the one I had at Equinox), and of course it was my favourite part of the whole selection. I believe its Kobe Beef, definitely a class of beef that I've never had the privilege to try ever in my life. It was so soft and tender, fragrant at the same time, and the juice from the beef just gushes out of the cube each time you chew on it. I know I'm not that good in descriptive writing, but I try!!!

I finally found my favourite alcohol there. Super sweet, so light and fizzy, it suits me so well. I often blush or turn red after a sip or two from alcohol, but with this I was fine the whole time! Perhaps it's because the champagne had just 6% of alcohol. But whatever, I loved it!

Some whiskey for you? Shawn was being irritating by downing the whole glass of whiskey while I was being paranoid and asking him to put it down cause I thought he might get drunk in midday, which wouldn't be a really pleasant thing. Guess I was just a little too anxious, but god, I think I was already getting high from sniffing that whiskey.

Lastly, not to be neglected, the desserts. We were quite full from having the food that we couldn't receive maximum satisfaction from these pretty little edible things, but we still tried our best to taste every single dessert!

I'm so thankful for being able to eat such delicious food from such a delectable palate, and I'm still so honoured to be invited to such a grand event like this.

Had a great time there at The World Gourmet Summit 2014, and I can't wait for next year's!
Huge Thanks to Fulford for the invitation, and Wendy! Hehe.

A toast to all the chefs around the world!