Why Business?

The most common reason would be, "Because I don't know what to do, and a Business degree can open the most doors."

Though the statement above might not be entirely false, it is not the only reason why I was inspired to study Business, or specifically, Business Administration. I applied for the Business Administration Course in the university of my choice, and I really hope I do get in. I thought it would be nice for me to pen down my thoughts about studying Business and why I really want to have a degree in it. Some things might not be true to some, but I'm just sharing my 2 cents worth of thought.

1. I'm not a science student (Or at least that's what I think).
I know I'm not made to do science, and I have always been drawn to the artsy/creative side since I was small. However, after getting pretty decent results, like 7 distinctions in the "O" levels, I thought I could deal with math & science (despite all the struggling). Never did I know how wrong I was. I, or actually my parents, decided that JC would be the path for me. And then... I killed myself by taking PCME. Boy, you'll never imagine how much I struggled. I was sure I wasn't going to accustom myself to it, but it was too late. The long gruesome days filled with chemistry, physics, math lectures are gone, but even till now I wish I could do something to change it. Even after all that suffering, my parents still wanted me to choose a science or engineering course in University. There aren't many choices that interest me in the local universities, but I was rather drawn to the Business courses as they require more essay work, and are definitely more applicable to real life situations. It is something that I can appreciate, rather than learning about resonance or newton's laws, which might only come to mind... when you're sitting on a swing?

2. I love working with people.
Throughout my twelve years of education here, I must say that it is really a pity that students don't have the opportunity to work in a team serious enough and for long enough. From group discussions to projects, they're the things I enjoy most in my curriculum. It's definitely not an easy thing, especially when there are immature and irresponsible teammates who don't give a shit about your graded project (even PW in the A levels). But the most important thing -- is to overcome these challenges. I'm not kidding, but the moment when everyone actually agrees on a final decision or when your work is finally ready for submission, there's a sense of contentment. I would definitely feel more "rewarded" by simply completing a 5-month project rather than getting an A in that common test that requires only memory work.

3. I believe it's the most relevant course that would let me achieve my dream.
From a surgeon to a florist, my aspirations changed as I learned more about "fashion". Clothes are something that I am so deeply fascinated and interested about. It all started when I was just about 10 years old. For some reason, whenever I went to the library, I found myself borrowing biographies about fashion designers. Hubert De Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and Chanel was my favourite. After reading my first Chanel biography, I was struck. I sort of believed that there was something more than the price or design of a 2.55, or No. 5. There was a legacy, a story of courage and a genius of business that invented it. The mash up of black&white, gold chains, tweed, and the Camellia flower, is not the collusion of a mere fashion designer. I believe it was the conspiracy of an intelligent businesswoman. I was so inspired by the biographies of Mademoiselle Chanel that I told myself, one day, I shall be like her. I'll start my own little boutique selling small little stuff, and then I'll expand it.

This, of course, is nothing but a little girl's dream if I do not chase it. Studying fashion would be able to train my creative mind, familiarize myself with fabric, proportions and design. However, it would not equip me with the sufficient knowledge of today's economy, or teach me to create a strategy that would attract buyers. I doubt it would also be able to give me a fuller understanding of how one should go about negotiations, or even to devise a genius business plan.