What's In My iNbox? (and Giveaway)

There's a new inbox in town! Actually,I'm not referring to email but a literal, huge box fillled with fun and education, mailed to your inbox every month!

What is iNbox?

An award winning subscription box concept that delivers, right to your doorstep, meaningful, guided fun activities for you and your children every month. iNbox is specially and expertly designed for children aged 3 – 7 years.

My favorite FAQ: Why must iNbox be a subscription service?

iNbox follows a curriculum that develops a child’s holistic learning.

Think of iNbox as a timed released vitamin pill. Every month, wholesome educational nourishments will be released in a bite sized, easy to absorb manner.

However, iNbox can still be purchased as a single box from April onwards as backorders of previous month themes.

We have many customized subscription plans to suit you and your children’s unique needs. All of them come with a risk free mechanism so be rest assured to try iNbox even though it is a subscription box.

April is All About Color

In the box I received for review, there are FIVE activities to completed with your child and each one is  crafted to be educational and creative.

#1 Color Lab

Your child can learn the chemistry of colours or simply have fun mixing paint together. The kit comes with test tubes, paints, beaker and a mixing color chart. In the end, you'll end up with 12 colors to paint with.

#2 Color Kaleidoscope

This is truly magical. Using very simple materials such as stickers, a disc, shiny cardboard and a straw, your child can create a color kaleidoscope!

#3 Spray Painting

What are you going to do with all the colors created from the previous project? Paint, of course. This kit contains all the items to make a beautiful painting, using spray painting technique. A toothbrush (for flicking paint), template (with a pre-formed design) and a frame is provided to create a work of art with your child and hone their creative skills!

#4 Play A Game

Playing a board game is a fun way for the family to bond with the little one(s). It is really a simple, snake-and-ladders type of game, but you get a color dice (which you make yourself) and lots of fun! I recommend getting even her friends or grandparents to join in!

#5 Read a Book

There's a strange and scary animal in town. How did it get its strange colors and features? End of the day with a picture-filled and simple book that your child can even read themselves.


Things WILL GET MESSY so it is very thoughtful of the team to include a sheet and smock to protect your floor and child's clothes!

Overall, I really do love the idea of a children's box that is specially created by educators. I can see that each activity is carefully thought out and planned. For busy Singaporean parents, sometimes we need a little help especially when thinking out of the box! And I do believe your child would also definitely look forward to it month-after-month.

Check out http://www.myinbox.sg for more information.

Thanks to the generosity of myiNbox.sg, we have TWO boxes to giveaway. In true RxRstyle, we want to take the opportunity to allow YOU to have a voice as much as possible. So, to join, simply:

1. Like, plus or tweet this post.
2. Comment below on the name (or nickname) and age of your child.
3. Optional: Send some photos and write a very short review (50 words) if you are selected as winner!

Contest ends on April 26 and winners will be selected soon after, so hurry!


  1. Liked, G+1 and tweeted.
    Kids : Amish - 9, Tanish - 6, Nimish - 3.5 and Yohaan - 6 months.
    I Promise to send some photos and write a very short review (50 words)/ blog about it in my blog if I am one of the selected winner!

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    Kid - Mika Teo - age : 5 years old

  3. Liked and tweeted.
    Kid name : Mika Teo
    Age : 5 years old

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    Kids..Aarushi (7 years ) , Hritisha ( 15 months )
    If I am a winner will love to share some pictures & short write up about our experience..