Walking Through Tudor Court


Phew,  I don't know what I was busy with for this whole week but it's already Thursday, oh gosh! Well, I just thought I might as well do a little update.

I haven't been busy lately, just giving a couple of tuition here and there lately, and going out with friends. I actually enjoy teaching very much! But, I'm still considered unemployed because I can't find a suitable full-time job :( I really hope the CVs and emails I sent out get replied soon!

Anyway, here are some photos taken a few days back while I was going out for brunch and some shopping! Decided to take a look at Tudor Court, but realised it's a place for expats, really. There was a super fancy restaurant that I really wanted to try!!! Anyway, I was so glad my outfit sort of matched the background. It was unintentional!

How I wish there were more streets like these in Singapore. I love shop-houses like these. Or whatever you call it. Anyway, I'm so happy that my skin have been free from pimples the whole week already! I'm so grateful for DRx. For those who are still contemplating, go for a consultation already!

I'll be doing a post about food again, so stay tuned. Au Revoir!