U Family Date Night

There's a reason why a romance needs to be 'sparked', 'ignited' and 're-kindled' in a long-term romantic relationship. Romance is like a kinetic energy that needs love, desire and affection to make it work. Romance can pull a couple together into a long-term relationship but just as quickly disappear if its not given enough energy and attention from both partners. When things like work, finances and kids cast a mundane haze over a couple's romance, it's up to the couple to deliberately spark the romance before it completely fizzles out. When was was the last time you went out as a couple enjoying each other's company without interruption and keeping discussions about finances, work or stressful topics outside of the date?

I should know since am married for 16 years and also a proud mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl!

Last week's date night was spent at #RomancingU2014 organized by NTUC U Family where I got to spend some quality couple-time with my significant other. By the time we arrived it was rather packed inside and a long queue have formed outside to get in.

Everyone is patiently queuing to get into the premises

Various Activity Booths

Romancing U ~ Programme for the Night

There were a host of activities taking place - taking a cruise down Singapore River, making your own potpourri, taking photos at the various photo-booths etc. but we decided to just sit on the grass and chill while watching the Emcee Johnny playing a series of very interesting games with the audience.

Picking a preferred spot on the open space

Game Challenge 1 - the number of balloons you can transport from Point A to Point B together without the use of your hands.

Game Challenge 2 - The guys are tasked with gift-wrapping a bouquet of flowers the ladies were to grade them and also guess which bouquet was done by their partner.

Game Challenge 3 - Couples are to limbo rock and stop to kiss whenever the Emcee says to do so which can be anytime

We even got to witness a touching moment - a surprise proposal!! Kudos to Bruce for coming up with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend at the event making it ever so memorable! He definitely put in alot of effort in planning and organizing the surprise proposal! How romantic! Grace was so touched she cried tears of joy!

The Surprise Proposal ~ Bruce & Grace 

There was also an opportunity for everyone to learn to dance like the professionals! Even with the help of the dance instructor, I danced like I had two left feet!

Finally night has fallen and it was time for the screening of Midnight in Paris (one of my favorite romance movie set in Paris, the City of Love.) beginsLove filled the night.

I definitely had a great time, reminiscing our couple-hood days! NTUC U Family this is a fantastic event so please continue to organize this yearly!!