Too Cool For School is too cute!

Hey girls~

Recently, I've been catching up with my friends a lot at night, before we all start working and for the guys, army! That meant late nights of chit-chat sessions that would leave me with even more horrendous looking eyebags. And pimples :( eyebags have always been my greatest nemesis, and pimples just come and go whenever they want to.

I have been looking out for a decent BB cream last month but I couldn't really find a suitable one that's non-oily, light, with good coverage, sun protection, and doesn't make my skin look like it's pale and dead. I have rather fair skin, and most BB creams I tried make my skin look yellowish (Asian problems). I wanted one that could give me a radiant glow, which I think is super important! Skin tone overrides whatever wonderful blusher or vibrant lipstick you have on. If your skin tone is dull, NOTHING CAN SAVE IT.

Anyway, my unnecessary troubles (regarding my skin) were resolved when I received this adorable little packet from Lifestyle post! MADE MY DAY ^^

How cute is it!!! I have been super desperate to get any product from Too Cool For School ever since my bff brought back a WHOLE BAG of products from Korea. One thing for sure, Too Cool For School's products are so pretty and cute, you'll just fall in love with it before opening them up!


I couldn't wait to try the product the very day I got it!!! (This is the sample size btw)

Squeezed a teeny little bit out

Tried it on the back of my hand first for some testing

Look! Just look at the shade of the BB cream! It's actually terribly obvious that the one without the BB cream is so disgustingly yellow and more pinkish with the BB cream. Also, I don't understand how or why this BB cream is not even oily at all and yet it actually feels moist on the skin. It's srsly very comfortable on your skin!

So I used the teeny little bit on my face to see how much coverage it can actually provide.

Here's a mandatory before and after picture!

Of course, it did cover my blemishes, but I was really happy that I couldn't feel like there's anything on my face! I always forgo using foundation because it makes my skin feels so stuffy and I'll get super fed up if I get clogged pores from all that un-breathable skin.This BB cream is different for sure. I have been using it for about 3/4 days from now and my skin didn't break out!

Eyebags be gone!!! YAYYYY :)

Full face with Too Cool For School's 4D BB cream!

I am seriously INCREDIBLY HAPPY with this BB cream because...

1. It has sun protection properties, SPF ++. With this, I don't have to put any additional sunscreen on my face. (Most sunscreens are oily and thick, which would cause your pores to be clogged and you'll breakout.)

2. I only used that tiny squeeze to cover like half of my face. It definitely provides sufficient coverage for me! I think that tiny little tube will actually last me for quite long. 

3. You can tell that my skin is less yellow, of course. Yellow skin is really ugly and shouldn't be worsened with any more BB creams with bad tones. & IT'S SUPER LIGHT!!! I have no idea how to describe how light it feels on your face, you have to try it out yourself. It just makes me feels that I'm effortlessly flawless skin (when I obviously don't)

4. IRRESISTIBLY ADORABLE PACKAGING. Need I say more? C'mon, having a pretty product in your make-up pouch will definitely make your friends envious.

5. Totally makes your face looks korean-ish and I know its the trend now for most girls, to have dewy watery skin. Helps you achieve your uzzlang make-up look~

And I got the product in full size as well! Thank you lifestyle post! What's better, is that the full size product comes with a concealer as well as a highlighter! Love how compact it is.

I'm really happy to have actually come across this 4D BB cream from Too Cool For School, and even much happier that lifestyle post sent it to me! They're super genius to set up such a website, so check them out too!!! And to look at more of Too Cool For School products, visit their website, or their facebook page! (I really love just browsing at their cutesie products)