The Big Easter Surprise

Well Readers, it's time to reveal the Big Surprise :) But before that please do read what and how it all happened. 

Huh Huh!! Don't scroll down yet ;P

With dejected faces my boys went off to sleep at 2.00am knowing none of them were getting any Easter eggs the following morning. After we switched off the lights and the whole house was asleep, my brain started scheming up with just what I could do to make the kids happy. I had no much ingredients in my pantry as well even if I wanted to make a few Easter Eggs. Boiling eggs and decorating them with some icing was one option I had but then that wouldn't really make the boys happy since they know their mom can cook. I really wanted it to be something special, so I kept thinking and I kept thinking and I fell off to sleep!

I woke up at 5.00am after the little sleep I had with the thoughts about an Easter surprise still lingering in my brain. I quickly made myself a cup of coffee and looked into my refrigerator and found some left over Orange Cake I had baked a couple of days back. I removed it out and while it got defrosted I took out my small cake molds and greased them with butter. Then I crumbled the orange cake and pressed it tightly into each cake mold. (I actually thought of making the crumbled cake into little eggs, but then sadly it kept breaking in bits) I then turned the molds upside down.

 After that I put the plate in the freezer to set and become more firm. While the cakes were in the freezer, I found my stash of Chocolate Chips which I then heated up with some butter and made a lovely chocolate syrup. After that I removed the cakes from the freezer and poured the syrup on the cakes.

  I then sprinkled some dessicated coconut over them and topped it each cake with some strawberry jam.

I put the now ready cakes in the freezer again to allow them to set nicely. And I got ready to prepare breakfast and I was also excited about surprising the cool men in my family.

When the boys woke up they all sat at the kitchen table waiting for their breakfast to be served while Terry (MY HUSBAND) made some Coffee and Milo. My eldest looked at me and said "So no Easter Eggs huh?" I said no "but then I do have a little surprise for you boys in fridge right now" My eldest quickly opened the fridge and stood with his mouth wide open. I laughed at his expression and asked him what happened? He looked at me and said "Wow Mama! you made these? Their even better than Easter eggs and look really tempting. Can we have them for breakfast? " I said no. 

After we had all eaten our breakfast Terry cut a piece of the cake and gave it to each of the boys to sample, promising them they could eat more as a dessert after lunch. They enjoyed the cake and kept talking about their amazing surprise. While they were eating my son asked me what is this special treat called and I replied saying I didn't know. He then said they do taste like Eclairs, so why not we just call them EASTER ECLAIRS. I said wow that 's a very nice name. And thanks to my son my mystery dish now had it's own name.

 After eating the boys hugged me and went off to play. 

I was one happy Mommy being able to fulfill my kids Easter Wish with just simple ingredients from my pantry. And Wola! I had also discovered a new dish :) So 3 cheers for THE EASTER ECLAIRS :)


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